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Monday, August 31, 2015

PHOTO: Floyd Mayweather's new $4.8M ride is one of only two on Earth

If there's one man who can afford an extremely rare,extremely expensive car, it's Floyd Mayweather.Mayweather posted a picture of his new ride toInstagram on Sunday, boasting that it cost him $4.8million:It is a Koenigsegg CCXR Trevita supercar, which,according to Mayweather's caption, is one of onlytwo of its kind in the world.Koenigsegg is "an ultra boutique automobilemanufacturer for the super rich", the boxer writes.The word Trevita is Swedish for "three whites",referring to the car's unique coating solution.Mayweather said it is actually beyond theclassification of a supercar and is considered a"hypercar." The Trevita can go from zero to 60 milesper hour in 2.8 seconds, with a top speed of 254mph. See photo

CHANGE COMING TO CHELSEA! Jose Mourinho has vowed to sack non- performing players.

Jose Mourinho has hinted that some of his Chelsea
squad may soon find that their Stamford Bridge
careers are over.
The Blues boss says he will make changes to his
squad in the wake of their poor start to the Premier
League season.
Chelsea lost 2-1 at home to Crystal Palace on
Saturday and have just four points from their first
four games of the season – a tally which leaves
them 13th in the table and eight points off the pace
set by league leaders Manchester City.
And Mourinho could take drastic action with his
squad as a result.
“If a player is not performing, there are two ways
to look at it,” he said.
“The first one is that I trust the player so much that
I will wait for the improvement. You wait, wait and
wait, and maybe it comes or it doesn’t come.
“Or, even though you trust the player, there arrives
a moment when you think, ‘I have to change’. And I
can go both ways.”
Mourinho’s frustrations are not helped by the fact
that the Premier League now stops for an
international window, depriving him of the
opportunity to spend some time on the coaching
ground with his squad.
“Because of the international break, the next match
is in 15 days,” he said. “I don’t know what happens
in 15 days . . . Every player goes away with their
national team and I stay behind for two weeks with
four players.
“I can’t work, I can’t improve. I can’t do anything
during these two weeks to improve my team.” –

APC: PDP mess must be cleared for better life

The All Progressives Congress (APC) has listed new
instances of the alleged looting of the treasury by
some officials of the Dr Goodluck Jonathan
The party, in a statement in Abuja yesterday by its
National Publicity Secretary, Alhaji Lai Mohammed,
said: ‘’Those who would rather give comfort to the
looters by dismissing the media exposure of
looting cases as mere hell-raising should realise
that no sane person can be silent in the face of
what is unfolding as the worst cases of brazen
stealing of public funds in Nigeria’s history.’’
The party’s statement reads: ‘’On August 16, 2015,
we listed some instances of the breath-taking
looting of the treasury by some officials of the
immediate past administration. Today, we bring
three more heart-rendering cases to the attention
of Nigerians. We will not relent until closure has
been brought to this issue,’’ it said, listing the new
cases as:
A mind-shattering $2.2 billion-arms scandal.
A $6.9 million-fraud by the Chief Security Officer
(CSO) to President Jonathan, committed under
the guise of buying three mobile stages for the
A N2.5 billion-scam involving the renting of
house boats.
‘’While those charged with handling these cases are
finalising the details of bringing the suspects to
justice, our immediate concern is the attempt by
the PDP, under whose umbrella the looting took
place, to blame the Buhari administration for the
mess and then infer that things have been worse in
Nigeria in the past three months under the APC-led
Federal Government than in the 16 years under the
PDP. This is totally provocative, shameless and
‘’They say we are yet to fulfil our campaign
promises to Nigeria, but they have forgotten that if
only the PDP/Jonathan administration had not
stolen Nigeria blind, there would have been more
than enough money to give school children in
Nigeria not just one but three meals a day and
even pay N5,000 to 50 million most vulnerable
Nigerians, not just the 25 million we promised in
our manifesto,’’ APC said
“Despite the almost daily discovery of cases of
corruption under the Jonathan administration, the
party assured Nigerians of better days ahead, as all
its campaign promises will be kept because of the
commitment and determination of President
Buhari not only to cleaning the Augean Stable but
also ensuring purposeful governance for the
benefit of Nigerians.
‘’It is clear to Nigerians that the debilitating impact
of 16 years of PDP’s misrule cannot be reversed in
just three months. It is an obvious truth that it is
always easier to destroy than to construct, but
nothing will stand in the way of the Buhari
administration’s commitment to improving the
quality of life of Nigerians and making our country
to function again,’’ it said.
It said a major cog in the wheel of faster progress
for the new Nigeria under President Buhari has
been the discovery that the pot housing the
commonwealth has been licked dry by the looters
of yesterday, hence the need to work meticulously
to recover the looted funds and facilitate the
delivery of good governance that will manifest in
abundant jobs, strong economy and improved
welfare and security for Nigerians.
APC said while the PDP, ever steeped in the pursuit
of lies, presents the recently released data on job
creation and economic growth as ‘clear signals’
that President Muhammadu Buhari was failing
Nigerians, the disgraced party mischievously
omitted the fact that those numbers were basically
a manifestation of the disastrous final days of ex-
President Jonathan’s failed economic policies.
‘’The PDP omitted the fact that these numbers
measure job creation and economic growth for the
second quarter of 2015, which covers April to June
2015, a period in which ex-President Jonathan was
in office for two months while President Buhari
was only just settling in to discover even more of
the mess left for him to clear. No one in his or her
right mind will hold someone more accountable
for actions in just one month and exonerate
another who was in the same office for two
‘’Since the PDP has become insular to global
events, the APC will also like to educate the party
that every country in the world is struggling to
adjust to the effects of a global downturn at the
moment. Only very few countries, if any, are
growing as fast as they did, in say two years ago.
From China, India, Russia, South Africa, to Ghana,
Malaysia and Brazil, every country is feeling the
effects of a sustained slowdown in global growth.
‘’The APC will also like to categorically say that it
supports the policies of the CBN in its quest to
ensure greater transparency in the forex market
and eliminate currency substitution in our
economy. The CBN’s policy to stop cash deposits of
foreign currency is in line with global best practices
and has led to a drastic reduction in BDC exchange
rate for the Dollar.”

DSS nabs Boko Haram suspects in Lagos, others

Operatives vow to frustrate sect’s activities
Detectives have arrested 19 suspected Boko Haram
terrorists in Lagos, Enugu, Plateau, Kano and
Gombe states.
The suspects were some of the commanders and
frontline members of the sect who had played
active roles in its bloody campaign, particularly in
the Northeastern.
The suspects, who were arrested between July 8
and August 24, included those that coordinated
and executed suicide attacks in Potiskum, Kano,
Zaria and Jos.
The Department of State Service (DSS) broke the
news yesterday in a statement signed by its
spokesman Tony Opiuyo.
One of the suspects, Usman Shuaibu (a.k.a Money),
revealed that he coordinated the attacks with
N500,000 which was provided by his Amir, Isa Ali,
the DSS said.
“Shuaibu claimed that the said Isa Ali has links to
the leader of the Boko Haram sect, Abubakar
Shekau, from where he collects monies to fund
operations undertaken by their Markaz.
“Also, he revealed that he has participated in
several Boko Haram attacks, including the attacks
at Gwoza Divisional Police Station in 2014.
“Shuabu also admitted being the leader of the team
of nine sect members that was dispatched from
Sambisa Forest to carry out the attacks. He
disclosed that four out of the nine of them were
used as suicide bombers in executing all the
suicide attacks,” the statement added.
Another suspect, Ahmed Mohammed (a.k.a
Abubakar) who the Service described as an
Improvised Explosive Device (IED) expert,
confessed to having prepared the IEDs used for
most of the suicide attacks in the Northeast.
He was also quoted by the DSS to have confessed
that he prepared the IED strapped to the vests
worn by a suicide bomber and his wives which they
used in the recent Jos attacks.
Also in the net is Adamu Abdullahi (aka Babpa)
who was said to have confessed that Usman
Shuaibu motivated him to work closely with Ahmed
Mohammed (aka Abubakar) in the preparation of
the IEDs used in the said attacks.
Another of the suspects, Ibrahim Isa, reportedly
confessed that he carried out reconnaissance on
the targets in Jos ahead of the attacks.
Muttaqa Yusuf (aka Mohammed Sani/Mudtaka) was
said to have named Aliyu, who is believed to be the
notorious Aliyu Gombe of Sambisa forest, as the
one who ordered the serial attacks which the
syndicate carried out at various locations in the
Northeastern part of the country.
He was said to have confessed that he assisted
Shuabu in planning and executing the said attacks.
Other suspects arrested in various parts of Lagos
include: Bakura Modu, Mustapha Alli Jamneri,
Abuyi Sherriff, Babangida Ali, Babangida Koloye,
Abba Modu Sagma and Grema Abubakar, Tijani
Bagudu, Baba Alhaji and Abbas Ibrahim, Adam
Wakil Abdul Jilbe and Mohammed Usman.
Ibrahim Audu was arrested in Enugu; Ibrahim
Haruna was arrested in Gombe, Mal Ali
Mohamodu was arrested in Kano.
The DSS said the terrorists have decided to spread
to other parts of the country as a result of the
pressure being put on them in their core areas of
strength in the Northeast.
“Nigerians and indeed the general public have to
note that the arrest of Usman Shuaibu (Money) and
the core members of his cell, stemmed the spate of
bombings by the extremist sect.
“Money and his group were arrested on their way
to Bauchi State where they had planned to execute
another heart-rending bomb attack and this was
frustrated by the arrest.
“Furthermore, the sudden influx of Boko Haram
members into Lagos State points to the
determination of the sect to extend its nefarious
terrorist activities to the state and, in fact, other
parts of the country.
“The arrest of these confessed terrorist elements
has, however, helped in no small measure to avert
devastating attacks in the area. However, the
Service is making efforts to conclude its
investigations and commence prosecution of the
“Drawing from the above, the DSS reiterates its
avowed determination to work with other
stakeholders in the fight against terror and other
forms of criminality in our country.
“Citizens and residents are, therefore, called upon
to rise to the occasion by volunteering useful
information to the Service and other relevant
security agencies,” the DSS stated.

The school where a teacher and a clerk were attacked by a man.

TEACHERS and pupils were gathering to start their
day when a teacher was stabbed in front of
everyone in the school yard.
A source at the primary school in Inanda, KZN said
the attacker may have been the teacher’s dumped
He said the suspect always dropped the teacheroff
at school, but on the day she arrived alone.
“A few minutes later, the boyfriend arrived. We let
him in because he is often seen at the school.”
Another source said the teacher had dumped her
boyfriend a day before the incident.
“He must have decided to follow her to the school.
He looked angry. He stabbed her and the clerk in
full view of pupils and other teachers,” said the
A teacher said there was panic at the school all day
and classes had to be cancelled.
“Pupils who were already at school chased the man
and stoned his car as he fled the premises.
Teachers have asked that pupils and teachers get
counselling,” said the source.
The two women were rushed to hospital and are in
stable conditions. The suspect is still at large.
Spokesman for the KZN department of education
Muzi Mahlambi said attacks on teachers will not be
“We will work with law enforcement agencies to
catch this criminal,” said Mahlambi.
Major Thulani Zwane confirmed the incident. “A
case of assault is being investigated by Inanda cops
and no arrest has been made at this stage,” he

Sunday, August 30, 2015

EFCC To Probe Jonathan and Diezani Maduekwe For Using N1.37B Govt Money To Buy Campaign Stages

 The ongoing probe of the immediate past administration by President Muhammadu Buhari is to beam its searchlight on the alleged purchase of three mobile stages, costing $6.9m, by former President Goodluck Jonathan and two of his officials, a Presidency source has said. According to a document, which was obtained from the Presidency on Saturday, the deal, which is now a subject of investigation, was allegedly carried out by Jonathan; his Chief Security Officer, Mr. Gordon Obuah; and former Minister of Petroleum, Mrs. Diezani Alison-Madueke. The fund was said to have been withdrawn from one of the numerous accounts of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation. The $6.9m (about N1.37bn) was said to have been withdrawn for the purpose of buying three pieces of 40-feet mobile stages for use by Jonathan during mass public speaking events. According to the document, apart from the fact that the sum for the stages was “incredibly inflated”, there is currently no evidence that the stages were bought since the money was withdrawn. The document read, “While the cost of mobile stages ranges in sizes and designs, only outlandish rock star musicians in Europe and the US spend hundreds of thousands on their huge stages way bigger than the 40-feet stages. “Even then, those musicians and superstars would not pay over $2m per stage, according to industry sources. “The process of procurement of the three mobile stages was neither known to extant Nigerian laws and due process regulations nor were the offices of the Auditor-General and the Accountant-General in the know, according to the investigators.” It added that the phony purchase was carried out late 2011, a few months after Jonathan won the presidential election for a full term after having completed the term of the late President Umaru Yar’Adua. Jonathan’s CSO was said to have initiated a memo to the former President on October 17, 2011, asking for the purchase of three mobile stages. He was reported to have written in that memo to Jonathan that memo referred to “my earlier discussion with Your Excellency on the security implication of your public appearances and your subsequent directive on the need to procure a secured presidential platform.” The Presidency source said on the same day, without any financial advice or purchase order reviews, the former President approved the request to buy the three stages and minuted the memo to the then Minister for Petroleum Resources. In his minute, Jonathan was said to have written, “We have discussed this, please deal.” According to the document, on the same October 17, the Senior Special Assistant to the President on Administrative Matters, Mr. Matt Aikhionbere, did another letter on the strength of the President’s approval requesting the minister to take action on the request to purchase the stages for $6.9m. It added, “By the next month, an NNPC payment voucher, number 3840336, was already in place, revealing that the money was released. “NNPC directed that the money be taken from one of its accounts in New York CITIBANK with sort code CITIUS 33, and Routing number 021000089. “It was first routed from the US bank to an NNPC account in Zenith Bank account number 5000026593, Maitama branch in Abuja, from where the money was sent to a private account. “The sum of $6.9m was then credited to a Sterling Bank account of one J. Marine Logistics Limited, Abuja, a company investigators said was registered by Obuah. “The CSO himself, according to investigators, has not been able to show proof of the purchase and his memo irked his bosses at the SSS that he took the initiative to write requesting for the stages, an action which officials said was way above his pay grade.” The document added that it was not the duty or responsibility of the CSO to make the determination on that purchase as he was meant to have informed the service, which will then review the situation and act accordingly. It added that the $6.9miilion in question was promptly paid on Nov. 29, 2011 into a private account belonging to the former CSO. “The former President approved the procurement of the mobile platforms without due process and bypassing the Procurement Act; neither was there an appropriation in the 2011 budget for such facility,” the document quoted investigators as saying. It added that neither the then Minister of Finance nor the Director-General of the Budget Office was aware of the deal. “Investigators say this is just one of the several instances, where the Jonathan administration used secret NNPC accounts to fund many questionable projects and for alleged personal financial aggrandisement. “Already, the CSO has been questioned over his role and activities in the Jonathan Presidency. It will be recalled that he was arrested, detained, questioned and later released. Attempts to get the National Publicity Secretary of the Peoples Democratic Party, Chief Olisa Metuh, to react to the allegation against the former President did not succeed as calls to his mobile telephone did not go through. He was yet to respond to an SMS sent to his mobile phone as of the time of filing this report.

Saturday, August 29, 2015


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President Buhari defends appointment of SGF, others

President Muhammadu Buhari yesterday defended
the appointment of the Secretary to the
Government of the Federation (SGF), Babachir
David Lawal and five others.
The appointments, announced on Thursday, had
sparked reactions, with reports of complaints in
some quarters that they tilted in favour of the
Appointed alongside Lawal were Alhaji Abba Kyari,
Chief of Staff to the President; Col. Hameed
Ibrahim Ali (rtd), Comptroller-General of the
Nigerian Customs Service (NCS); Mr. Kure Martins
Abeshi, Comptroller-General of the Nigerian
Immigration Service; Senator Ita Enang, Senior
Special Assistant (SSA) to the President on National
Assembly Matters (Senate) and Hon. Suleiman
Kawu, SSA to the President on National Assembly
Matters (House of Representatives).
The Special Adviser to the President on Media and
Publicity, Mr. Femi Adesina, yesterday assured
Nigerians that President Muhammadu Buhari’s
political appointments will balance out soon.
Adesina spoke on a radio programme, Political
Platform, on RayPower 100.5FM, monitored by our
correspondent in Lagos.
Adesina said the President was aware of federal
character and expressed the belief that there will
be balance by the time he makes more
appointments in September.
While admitting that appointments are Buhari’s
prerogative, the presidential spokesman also said
that nobody can fault the fact that those that have
been named so far ?were appointed on merits.
He also said it would not be fair to blame the
President for positions that were filled as a result
of elections, like those of the National Assembly
and appointments made on the basis of next in
command, like those of the acting Chairman of the
Independent Electoral Commission and Chief
Justice of Nigeria.
He assured all stakeholders that the President
would keep to his promise of appointing the
remaining aides and ministers ?in September.
Adesina said: “Nobody can fault the fact that the
persons appointed were appointed on merits.
“In terms of the spread, the President has
prerogative to appoint and he knows there is
federal character. I am sure that there will be
balance in the future.
“These are still early days. At the end of the day, we
will have a balance.
“By the time more appointments are made, it will
balance out. The President is trying to get the very
best of Nigerians. The issue of key positions and no
key positions should not be the issue.
“He gave a deadline of September for the
appointment of ministers, ?and he will keep to it.”
The President’s Senior Special Assistant Media and
Publicity, Mallam Garba Shehu, also issued a
statement yesterday urging critics of the
President’s appointments to be patient with the
administration over political appointments, adding
that the appointments made so far constitute less
than five per cent of the total that would be made.
Besides, he said, the people so far appointed by
the President are mostly people acting as his staff
or unofficial advisers, many of whom had been
working with him in official capacities.
The statement reads: “Our brothers and sisters and
fellow countrymen should bear with the new
administration as it takes its measured steps
towards an effective take-off.
“These appointments are just beginning. The ones
down so far, apart from the security services, are
mostly of people acting as unofficial advisers or
staff of the President.
“They are mostly men and women who have been
doing things for the President and the positions are
being formalised.
“Statistically, the appointments don’t amount to five
per cent of what is to come. There will be
ministers, heads of government departments,
federal boards and ambassadors.
“At the end of the exercise, no part of the country
will be left feeling left out.”
Reacting to the appointments, a faction of the
Movement for the Actualization of Sovereign State
of Biafra (MASSOB) had described them as an
insult to the Igbo race whose members he said
were not appointed into any top office.
The group, in a statement signed by its Director of
Information, Uchenna Madu, said the actions of the
president since he assumed office had shown that
he is not a lover of Igbo people.
“The latest appointments and previous ones since
Buhari’s administration should be an eye opener to
Ndigbo that Buhari is not seeing Ndigbo as part of
“These appointments have further confirmed the
fact that the present administration is against
Ndigbo, despite the massive support some Igbo
leaders like Gov. Rochas Okorocha, Chief
Ogbonnaya Onu, Senator Chris Ngige and Rotimi
Amaechi, among others, gave to Buhari and the
APC during the last general election. This is an
insult to our people.”
In the same vein, the Ohaneze Youth Council (OYC)
expressed concern over the President’s latest
appointments, saying it was regrettable that no
south easterner was included in the appointments.
In a statement signed by the organisation’s
President and National Public Relations Officer,
Mazi Okechukwu Isiguzoro and Hon. Obinna Adibe
respectively, the group said the appointments were
totally unacceptable to Ndigbo, adding that they
violated the principle of federal character
enshrined in the Nigerian constitution.
OYC said: “We stand to condemn the continuous
exclusion of Ndigbo by the administration of
President Muhammadu Buhari. Before this time,
he had appointed Service Chiefs without looking
the way of the South East. To make matters worse,
the position of the SGF, which was originally zoned
to the Ndigbo, has been denied the region.
“We are indeed shocked by this turn of events,
which are totally at variance with Mr. President’s
earlier stand that he was for everybody and for
However, another Igbo group, Ndigbo Unity Forum
(NUF), voiced its support for President Buhari.
The Chairman of the group, Mr. Augustine
Chukwudum, who is also president of the Southern
Nigeria Peoples Mandate, called on the Igbo, in an
interview with our correspondent, to support the
President for him to achieve his aim of
transforming the country.
NUF said: “We have been watching all that have
been happening in the past few weeks, all the talks
about the president marginalising Ndigbo.
“We want to use this opportunity to inform them, if
they are not aware or not enlightened enough, that
the President has not appointed his cabinet. I don’t
see where the marginalization of Ndigbo has come
“Some Igbo leaders are just making noise for
nothing. After all, those people who are
condemning Buhari should be ashamed of
“We want Ndigbo to have a rethink of what is
happening now. He has not done anything wrong
to them.
“As president of Ndigbo Unity Forum, I still
maintain that Buhari has not done anything wrong
to my people. Let Ndigbo count their teeth with
their tongue.”
Commenting on the appointments in a media
briefing at the end of the 55th National Conference
of the Nigeria Bar Association (NBA) yesterday, its
president, Austin Alegeh, said he was convinced
President Buhari was committed to the country’s
He said: “Probably, these are key technical
positions that are being filled by the most
competent available persons. But, you can always
compensate when you are making other ministerial
appointments. I think we should all adopt attitude
of patience, and should always have trust and
confidence in the people we have elected.
“We must know that the president won this election
with many people contributing to the election. So,
let us look at the appointments he has made along
those lines.
“I have listened to the President speak and I can
see his conviction in a greater and better Nigeria.
“I am not a party man, and I am not his personal
friend, but from what I have seen, I have no doubt
in my mind that he means the best for Nigeria, that
he will not do anything to infringe the Nigerian
“But let us wait for all the appointments to be in
before we start talking of federal character.”
Lagos-based lawyer, Festus Keyamo also issued a
statement yesterday, saying that “the so-called
‘uproar’ over the perceived ‘lopsided’ appointments
made so far by President Buhari is nothing but an
orchestrated frustration of a few jobless politicians
who depend only on government appointments as
their means of livelihood and, of course, the noise
of the latest opposition party in town.”
He said majority of Nigerians only want to see
good governance and care less about the ethnic
origin of those appointed into positions.
“My worry is that the decade-long general division
of government positions into ‘juicy’ and ‘non-juicy’,
and the mentality that these few ‘juicy’ positions
must be shared equally amongst the major ethnic
groups was nothing but a contraption of the old
order from which we have just liberated
ourselves,” he said.
“To my mind, all government appointments pose
an equal challenge to those appointed as a call to
higher service of fatherland.
“All public positions come with an equal
responsibility to be honest, forthright and
dedicated. To go further to classify them as ‘juicy’
or ‘non-juicy’ is just a euphemism for positions that
have enough money from which to steal and those
that are ‘dry’.
“Therefore, any agitation from a section of the
country to get ‘juicy’ positions is only an agitation
for their kinsmen to be appointed to steal enough
from which they would benefit.
“I therefore unreservedly condemn, in the
strongest of terms, the so-called ‘uproar’ about
‘juicy positions’ going only to a certain section of
this country. All sections of this country should be
happy and content with whatever positions the
President deems fit, at the end of the day, to give to
their kinsmen.
“After all, the President still has a long way to go
with appointments. He has not even filled up to five
per cent of available positions. Please, let the

  • President be.”

Friday, August 28, 2015

Two brave men step in to stop man viciously beating his wife in car park

WARNING: Graphic content The domestic attack in
Oklahoma City, United States, was captured on
camera which led to the arrest of the 52-year-old
Two men bravely intervened when they saw a man
beating his wife in a car park.
Shocking footage shows the man hitting the woman,
who is knelt on the back of a truck, with a baton.
Her legs are covered in bloody cuts and she tries to
defend herself from his blow.
Two bystanders who witnessed the attack decided to
approach the man.
He tries to get them to leave, and then retreats to his
driving seat and attempts to drive off with the
woman in the back.
Row: The man was hitting his wife who had
jumped out of the truck into the back
But the vigilantes won't let him leave and they get
into a bit of a scuffle with him.
The woman is then seen having gotten off the truck
and the man drives off.
Police said the attack took place in Oklahoma City,
United States, on August 6.
According to, the couple are homeless
living out of a car.
Cuts: The woman injured her legs jumping out of
the car window
The argument is understood to have begun when the
man refused to buy his wife food.
The woman cut her legs after smashing her way out
of the truck car and into the trailer.
Douglas Beckham, 52, is currently in the Oklahoma
County Detention Center, facing two charges of
assault with a deadly weapon, and one charge of
domestic assault and battery with a dangerous

Axed Tila Tequila 'wants sex with a gay guy', telling CBB's Austin: 'I'll sit on your face

The star, who has since been kicked out of the house
amid a huge Nazi row, admitted she hoped to
change Austin's mind
Tila Tequila has sparked outrage as she's kicked out
of the Celebrity Big Brother house tonight
following photos of her posing up in a Nazi uniform,
but she made sure she put in some jaw dropping
performances during her short time in there.
And viewers were left stunned tonight as they saw
the ex porn star admit she wants to "have sex with a
gay guy", before setting her sights on Austin
It began as the controversial star flirted with hunky
housemate James Hill, asking him (without an ounce
of shame): "Honey, can I borrow some of your
She then added: "How many times do you have to
waddle back and forth in front of me, are you going
to hurry up and get done with whatever you’re

Get A Clear History Of The Best Toursim State In Nigeria

Cross River is a state in southern Nigeria, bordering
Cameroon to the east. Its capital is at Calabar, and it
is named for the Cross River (Oyono), which passes
through the state. Ejagham and Efik are major
languages of this state.
Cross River State is a coastal state in South Eastern
Nigeria, named after the Cross River, which passes
through the state. Located in the Niger Delta, Cross
River State occupies 20,156 square kilometers. It
shares boundaries with Benue State to the north,
Enugu and Abia States to the west, to the east by
Cameroon Republic and to the south by Akwa-Ibom
and the Atlantic Ocean.
South Eastern State was created on May 27, 1967
from the former Eastern Region, Nigeria by the
General Yakubu Gowon regime. Its name was
changed to Cross River State in the 1976 state
creation exercise by the then General Murtala
Mohammed regime from South Eastern State. The
present day Akwa Ibom State was excised from it in
the state creation exercise of September 1987 by the
then regime of General Ibrahim Babangida. Its
capital is Calabar. Its major towns are Akamkpa,
Biase, Calabar South, Ikom, Obubra, Odukpani,
Ogoja, Ugep, Obudu, Obanliku, Akpabuyo, Ofutop,
Iso-bendghe, and Boji
The state has been previously governed by many
governors and administrators including Udoakaha J.
Esuene, Paul Omu, Tunde Elegbede, Clement Isong,
Donald Etiebet, Daniel Archibong, Ibim Princewill,
Ernest Atta, Clement Ebri, Ibrahim Kefas, Gregory
Agboneni, Umar Faoruk Ahmed, Christopher
Osondu, Donald Duke and Liyel Imoke. The Current
Governor is Ben Ayade, who came into power on the
29th of May, 2015.
The State is composed of three major ethnic groups:
the Efik, the Ejagham, and the Bekwarra. The Efik
language is widely spoken in Cross River State, and
as far as Arochukwu in neighboring Abia state.
The Efik-speaking people live mainly in the Southern
senetorial districts of Cross River, or as it is
commonly referred to, the Greater Calabar district,
which includes Calabar Municipality, Calabar South,
Bakassi, Biase, Akpabuyo, Odukpani, and Akamkpa
LGAs. There is also the Qua community in Calabar,
which speaks Ejagham. The main Ejagham group
occupies mostly the Greater Calabar areas of
Calabar Municipality, Odukpani, Biase and
Akampkpa sections of Cross River State.
There are also the Yakurr/Agoi/Bahumono ethnic
groups in Yakurr and Abi LGA, while the Mbembe
are predominantly found in Obubra LGA. Further up
the core northern part of the state are several sub-
dialectical groups, among which are Etung,
Olulumo, Ofutop, Nkim/Nkum, Abanajum, Nseke
and Boki in both Ikom, Etung and Boki LGAs. Also,
the Yala/Yache,Igede, Ukelle, Ekajuka, Mbube, Bette,
Bekwarra and Utugwanga people are found in
Ogoja, Yala, Obudu and Obanliku LGA's. The Yala are
a subgroup of the Idoma nation, part of the Yala
LGA's subgroups are the Igede speaking people
believed to have migrated from the Oju part of
Benue State.
Cross River State epitomises the nation's linguistic
and cultural plurality and it is important to note that,
in spite of the diversity of dialects, all the indigenous
languages in the state have common linguistic roots
as Niger–Congo languages. Finally, the state boasts
of being the venue for the largest carnival in Africa.
Local Government Areas
Cross River State consists of eighteen (18) Local
Government Areas. They are:
Calabar Municipal
Calabar South
In line with the objectives of the former Governor of
the state Mr. Donald Duke to mix business with
pleasure, there are many festivals. These festivals
bring in tourists from far and wide into the state to
enjoy themselves and also do business in the state.
These festivals include The Cross River State
Christmas Festival,which promises to be an event
that will rival any festival events in Africa, with over
30 days of endless fun, carnival, games, cultural
display, art exhibition, pageant and music
performance. This year's Christmas event and
Carnival promise to be the best.
The Cross River State Christmas Festival – 1
December to 31 December annually
The Cross River State Carnival Float – 26th and
27th December yearly
The Yakurr Leboku Yam festival – 28 August
The Calabar Boat Regata
Another Interesting Festival in cross River state is
Anong Bahumono Festival which holds in Anong
Village, during which different cultural dances are
showcased, including Ikpobin (acclaimed to be the
most entertaining dance in the state), Ekoi, Obam,
Emukei and Etangala Dances.
Tourism in Cross River State
From the soaring plateaus of the mountain tops of
Obanliku to the Rain forests of Afi, from the
Waterfalls of Agbokim and Kwa to the spiralling ox-
bow Calabar River which provides sights and images
of the Tinapa Business Resort, Calabar Marina,
Calabar Residency Museum and the Calabar Slave
Park along its course, there is always a thrilling
adventure awaiting the eco-tourist visiting Cross
River State.
Other tourist attractions are the Ikom Monoliths (a
series of volcanic-stone monoliths of unknown age),
the Mary Slessor Tomb, Calabar Drill Monkey
Sanctuary, Cross River National Park, Afi Mountain
walkway canopy, Kwa falls, Agbokim waterfalls,
Tinapa Business Resort and the annual Calabar
Carnival that takes place during the Christmas
Cross River State can be accessed by air through the
Margaret Ekpo International Airport at Calabar.
There are daily flights to Calabar from Lagos and
Abuja serviced by airlines such as Virgin Nigeria,
Arik Airlines and Aero Contractors. Aero Contractors
also have flights to the Bebi airstrip at Obanliku for
trips to the Obanliku Mountain Resort.
Calabar, the capital of Cross River State, is now the
leading tourism city of Nigeria[citation needed].
Visitors from different parts of Nigeria come to the
city in large numbers all year around.
Tertiary educational institutions are the University of
Calabar and the Cross River State University of
Technology both in Calabar, the Ibrahim Babangida
College of Agriculture in Obubra and The
Polytechnic, Calabar.[2]
See also
Tinapa Resort
Akwa Akpa

A man nearly got kill for stealing a pot of soup

CALABAR—A mob in Calabar, Cross River State
capital, yesterday, butchered a young man and set
the remains on fire beside Atu Secondary School
fence along Goldie Street, for allegedly robbing a
woman of a pot of soup. His two accomplices
The hoodlum, in the company of two others, were
alleged to have attacked the woman at Mayne
Avenue Extension in Calabar South.
They were allegedly attracted by the aroma of the
soup the woman was warming for her family’s
breakfast before heading for early morning mass at
nearby St. Bernard’s Catholic Church.
A young man, who lives in the same premises with
the lady, said as the robbers were about to get out
of the compound with the pot of soup, the woman
raised the alarm, prompting neighbours to go after
them. They caught up with the one carrying the pot
of soup and dealt him several machete cuts before
setting him ablaze.
An eyewitness said: “It was almost dawn when the
boys attacked the woman and carried away her pot
of soup. When they were about getting out of the
compound, she raised alarm and people came out,
pursued and caught up with one.”
He said the boy was not able to run as fast as his
accomplices because of the pot of soup he refused
to drop.
The eyewitness said: “This is not the first time they
have come to our compound to steal. Last week,
they removed the car battery of one of our
neighbours and once night falls, they waylay
people, especially ladies, around Goldie by Atu and
snatch their handbags and phones.”
At press time, there was no sign of security agents
in the area, while the burnt body was still lying by
Atu Secondary School fence.

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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Weekend Pool Party@Transcop Be Party Of It.

Its about that TIME the count down just moved up a notch. . .MASK &BIKINI POOL PARTY is closer than you think.


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...Goodmorning my Friend for it is #gospel #Time!!! Come and Celebrate with Us in #thanksgiving on the #6th of #September as Cross River State #PMAN #ENTERTAINERS #NIGHT goes to #church with Sis Sylvia Otafu #Mother_Of_Faith

Guest Appearance:
Emilo, Merce Jean, Amb J-Twice, Kendrick Ococoh, Madish Classic, Mr. Oluwaterry, Mikephyno, Big Prince, Pastor Indifereke, Pretty Brown, Mosaic and Ernest Adat.
...#DiskJockey: Dj Smart
...#Dance By Calabar MJ and Mad X
...#Comedy by: MC George, MC Koboko
...#Drama By: Liberation Theatre
...#Ministration by: Corner Stone Choir 
...#MC's: Fresh R, & MC Seto

#Venue: #Hermon_City_Church (Plot J Esuk Utan Industrial Layout NNPC Road off #Zone6 police bus stop #Calabar 

#Redcarpet #TIME: 5pm Prompt
#Date : Sunday 6th of September

#Pencalabar #gospel #edition #PEGN @pman_crs