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Monday, August 31, 2015

APC: PDP mess must be cleared for better life

The All Progressives Congress (APC) has listed new
instances of the alleged looting of the treasury by
some officials of the Dr Goodluck Jonathan
The party, in a statement in Abuja yesterday by its
National Publicity Secretary, Alhaji Lai Mohammed,
said: ‘’Those who would rather give comfort to the
looters by dismissing the media exposure of
looting cases as mere hell-raising should realise
that no sane person can be silent in the face of
what is unfolding as the worst cases of brazen
stealing of public funds in Nigeria’s history.’’
The party’s statement reads: ‘’On August 16, 2015,
we listed some instances of the breath-taking
looting of the treasury by some officials of the
immediate past administration. Today, we bring
three more heart-rendering cases to the attention
of Nigerians. We will not relent until closure has
been brought to this issue,’’ it said, listing the new
cases as:
A mind-shattering $2.2 billion-arms scandal.
A $6.9 million-fraud by the Chief Security Officer
(CSO) to President Jonathan, committed under
the guise of buying three mobile stages for the
A N2.5 billion-scam involving the renting of
house boats.
‘’While those charged with handling these cases are
finalising the details of bringing the suspects to
justice, our immediate concern is the attempt by
the PDP, under whose umbrella the looting took
place, to blame the Buhari administration for the
mess and then infer that things have been worse in
Nigeria in the past three months under the APC-led
Federal Government than in the 16 years under the
PDP. This is totally provocative, shameless and
‘’They say we are yet to fulfil our campaign
promises to Nigeria, but they have forgotten that if
only the PDP/Jonathan administration had not
stolen Nigeria blind, there would have been more
than enough money to give school children in
Nigeria not just one but three meals a day and
even pay N5,000 to 50 million most vulnerable
Nigerians, not just the 25 million we promised in
our manifesto,’’ APC said
“Despite the almost daily discovery of cases of
corruption under the Jonathan administration, the
party assured Nigerians of better days ahead, as all
its campaign promises will be kept because of the
commitment and determination of President
Buhari not only to cleaning the Augean Stable but
also ensuring purposeful governance for the
benefit of Nigerians.
‘’It is clear to Nigerians that the debilitating impact
of 16 years of PDP’s misrule cannot be reversed in
just three months. It is an obvious truth that it is
always easier to destroy than to construct, but
nothing will stand in the way of the Buhari
administration’s commitment to improving the
quality of life of Nigerians and making our country
to function again,’’ it said.
It said a major cog in the wheel of faster progress
for the new Nigeria under President Buhari has
been the discovery that the pot housing the
commonwealth has been licked dry by the looters
of yesterday, hence the need to work meticulously
to recover the looted funds and facilitate the
delivery of good governance that will manifest in
abundant jobs, strong economy and improved
welfare and security for Nigerians.
APC said while the PDP, ever steeped in the pursuit
of lies, presents the recently released data on job
creation and economic growth as ‘clear signals’
that President Muhammadu Buhari was failing
Nigerians, the disgraced party mischievously
omitted the fact that those numbers were basically
a manifestation of the disastrous final days of ex-
President Jonathan’s failed economic policies.
‘’The PDP omitted the fact that these numbers
measure job creation and economic growth for the
second quarter of 2015, which covers April to June
2015, a period in which ex-President Jonathan was
in office for two months while President Buhari
was only just settling in to discover even more of
the mess left for him to clear. No one in his or her
right mind will hold someone more accountable
for actions in just one month and exonerate
another who was in the same office for two
‘’Since the PDP has become insular to global
events, the APC will also like to educate the party
that every country in the world is struggling to
adjust to the effects of a global downturn at the
moment. Only very few countries, if any, are
growing as fast as they did, in say two years ago.
From China, India, Russia, South Africa, to Ghana,
Malaysia and Brazil, every country is feeling the
effects of a sustained slowdown in global growth.
‘’The APC will also like to categorically say that it
supports the policies of the CBN in its quest to
ensure greater transparency in the forex market
and eliminate currency substitution in our
economy. The CBN’s policy to stop cash deposits of
foreign currency is in line with global best practices
and has led to a drastic reduction in BDC exchange
rate for the Dollar.”

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