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Friday, August 28, 2015

Two brave men step in to stop man viciously beating his wife in car park

WARNING: Graphic content The domestic attack in
Oklahoma City, United States, was captured on
camera which led to the arrest of the 52-year-old
Two men bravely intervened when they saw a man
beating his wife in a car park.
Shocking footage shows the man hitting the woman,
who is knelt on the back of a truck, with a baton.
Her legs are covered in bloody cuts and she tries to
defend herself from his blow.
Two bystanders who witnessed the attack decided to
approach the man.
He tries to get them to leave, and then retreats to his
driving seat and attempts to drive off with the
woman in the back.
Row: The man was hitting his wife who had
jumped out of the truck into the back
But the vigilantes won't let him leave and they get
into a bit of a scuffle with him.
The woman is then seen having gotten off the truck
and the man drives off.
Police said the attack took place in Oklahoma City,
United States, on August 6.
According to, the couple are homeless
living out of a car.
Cuts: The woman injured her legs jumping out of
the car window
The argument is understood to have begun when the
man refused to buy his wife food.
The woman cut her legs after smashing her way out
of the truck car and into the trailer.
Douglas Beckham, 52, is currently in the Oklahoma
County Detention Center, facing two charges of
assault with a deadly weapon, and one charge of
domestic assault and battery with a dangerous

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Abdulhafiz bashir said...

I wonder my people are so heartless. Anyone that raise his hand on a lady is not a real man