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Saturday, September 5, 2015

The Perfect Gentleman: Does Love Fluctuate?

Love, the golden word that binds all and heals all.
Love, just a bit of it would make the world a better
Love, that sweet poison which makes us do crazy
meaningless things.
Ever seen a full grown man breakdown in public and
shed oceans of tears, uncontrollably, without shame,
bereft of remorse.
Have you ever lost the desire to eat, sleep, or even
keep living over the loss (breakup) of a loved one?
Love, something so special, so divine, so sanguine,
damn near perfect. God’s greatest gift to man (more
so evident in the sacrifice of his only son).
In the past, I used to have a witty and somewhat
realistic definition of love; A four letter word that
guys use to get into girls’ pants.
I used to resist and fight love, and even the urge to
fall in love.
I was so certain of this naive assumption that I
brandished it about with careless abandon to
whomever cared to pay attention, until nature had its
way with me.
I fell in love with a beautiful and extremely appealing
girl and we didn’t make love until 8 months after we
started dating (Lol, i wasn’t slow nor impotent).
I was deeply in love and I was willing to wait till she
was ready emotionally, physically and
Obviously this experience changed my rebellious
view on love, it killed the fight in me and sent me
falling, crashing in love, never to rise again.
Why then should something this beautiful, pure, and
selfless fluctuate? Maybe it is subject to the ever
constant ‘change’ or the forever present ‘law of
Does love really fluctuate? I think it does, for me at
least, and every other man I know. Anyone who has
ever been in a love steeped relationship (the
exemption of friends with benefits) must and will
have experienced the highs and lows of love.
There are periods when the feeling of love is so
intense, so thick, so strong, that we (guys) would see
an extremely endowed woman with a buttocks the
size of Nicki Minaj’s and you won’t even give her a
second look.
That is love at its best, highest, purest peak. There
are times when it (love) is so low you would wonder
“what the heck am I doing with her”.
At that point, all her previously benign flaws will be
magnified in your eyes.
Love certainly has different levels of intensity and it
would only be hypocritical and unrealistic of us to
deny this, consequently and unconsciously telling the
young ones that it is forever a blissful phenomenon,
nah, not possible.
There is fantasy love and true love. Fantasy love
might not fluctuate, might not waiver, might even
never bicker, but trust me, it is fickle deep down and
can’t last, never.
True love on the other hand is sometimes sweet,
sometimes sad, sometimes fraught with ups and
downs, but at the end of the day, you know you have
something real, worth fighting for.
Love tends to fluctuate over weeks, months, and
years. Basically, over time. Even in one day or an
hour, love can and does fluctuate.
Tell me you’ve never been with your partner for
about a couple of hours and not felt bored and
indifferent at some point, hell, even tired of them.
You’re nodding, yeah, that’s it, that’s the fluctuation.
The fluctuation does not mean that love disappears
from the relationship. It is natural for love to
fluctuate from time to time in human relationships,
whether we want it or not, like it or not.
Some say if love fluctuates, it never was love,
 but I say , if love doesn’t fluctuate, doesn’t waiver,
 how do you test its limit? its depth? its validity? How
do you? My friends, the moment you realize that love
fluctuates in relationships, the better equipped you
will be, relationship-wise.

This 70-year-old man reportedly resurrected after being dead for 30 hours

70-year-old Amos Otene had already spent 30 hours
in a mortuary, after being pronounced lifeless at 4.30
am on August 26th, only to rise up from the dead.
Just to be sure they didn’t make a mistake
pronouncing him dead, the doctors had even
extracted the requisite body fluid and other
substances from the corpse, for post mortem
examination which was to ultimately reveal the cause
of death.
According to the family, the hospital admitted Otene
on Friday August 25 after he complained of severe
toothache which had persisted for several days
before he was pronounced dead.
By Sunday, one of his children, Eche, who lives in
Lafia visited, and was taken to the mortuary as he
wanted to confirm that his father had indeed passed
According to Eche, at about 1.39 pm, “the morticians
at the hospital wheeled out the trolley containing my
father and unveiled the face for me to see. It was in
this process that the supposedly he started raising
his right hand and all of us fled towards the reception
area of the mortuary. From a safe distance we
watched as my father lifted himself and sat on the
bed and that was about seven minutes later. One of
the attendants eventually summoned enough
courage and approached my father who fell back on
the trolley.”
Eche said that the doctors ordered that the
resurrected man be readmitted in the ward where
some medication was administered and he was
placed on fresh round of drips.
He remained in the ward till Tuesday when the
doctors carried out series of tests and certified Otene
fit for discharge.
Otene talked about what could be described as his
near death experience, saying, “what I remember is
that I was in a vehicle and traveled a long distance.
“When I got there, there were many people and there
was a lot of celebration and merriment and the
people were happy. But they did not allow me to stay
with them. They said I should go back and repeat my
I am much better now and I thank God for everything
and I also owe many thanks to the hospital for taking
care of me and my family members who have been
worried. I hope they will continue to be with me until
I am completely free from this stress.”

Pastor, wife arrested over N500,000 purchase of baby

The couple were paraded by the commissioner of
Police, Joshak Habila, who allegedly said that they
bought a stolen baby.
Apparently, they were both discovered when a
notorious child trafficker confessed to a crime and
named them as accomplices.
The child trafficker, identified as Ekwutosi, stole an
11-month-old baby girl of a 21-year-old pregnant
mother, who he had pretended to assist with a job.
The excited woman was said to have left her baby in
the custody of Ekwotosi when she went to buy food
for her, “But by the time the mother returned,
Ekwutosi had disappeared with the baby,” the police
commissioner said.
According to Habila, the suspect was later
intercepted by the police at Owerrinta when he was
allegedly trafficking pregnant girls to Port Harcourt.
That was when he made his confessions including the
fact that he sold the baby at the cost of N500, 000 to
the wife of the pastor.

History with Cheta Nwanze: Why reviving Nigeria Airways is a bad idea

A few weeks ago, the President announced a
committee to look into reviving Nigeria Airways.
Since then, some of his supporters have gone to
town about how wonderful and profitable it could be
for Nigeria.
Today on #HistoryClass, we will be breezing through
the rise, and the demise, of Nigeria’s national carrier.
A lot of today’s gist comes from newspaper archives,
some of which is investigative work by Nicholas
Nigeria Airways started as West African Airways
Corporation Nigeria (WAAC Nigeria) in 1958 with
Nigeria as majority owner. The defunct Elder
Dempster Lines and BOAC held the remaining 49% of
the shares, and BOAC were the airline managers.
Naturally, the first international route was Lagos-
London, which was operated by a leased plane
owned by BOAC.
Shortly after independence, WAAC Nigeria became
the flag carrier of Nigeria and then, the government
took sole possession. The airline expanded fast, 5
new aircraft and new routes, Abidjan, Accra, Banjul,
Dakar, Freetown and Monrovia by 1963. Gradually,
starting from 1964, BOAC withdrew from operations,
and Nigerians ran the airline more and more on their
Nigeria Airways’ first crash was on 20/11/1969, a
VC10 plane arriving in Lagos from Kano, killing all 87
people aboard.
By 1970, the airline had 2200 staff, 8 planes, with
London, Frankfurt, Madrid and Rome and West
African destinations. In 1971, a Boeing 707, leased
from Ethiopia, entered service to replace the plane
which crashed two years before. In 1972, British
involvement in running the airline ended as Nigeria
signed a management contract with America’s TWA.
Fleet expansion continued, and by the end of 1978,
Nigeria Airways had a total of twenty aircraft, mostly
from the US. The agreement with TWA ended in early
1979, and by September of that year, KLM were the
new managers of Nigeria Airways. During the 7 year
period of TWA’s management, Nigeria Airways
suffered FIVE plane crashes killing a total of 194
By the end of Shagari’s reign, Nigeria Airways’ debts
were more than revenues, there were 500 staff for
each plane. When Buhari overthrew Shagari in 1984,
nine of Nigeria Airways’s planes were unserviceable,
seventeen were flying, and there were 8500
employees, most idle. Buhari ordered the airline to
reduce the number of employees and routes as a
cost-cutting measure. It didn’t work.
By the time Babangida came, another 1000 jobs were
cut, and by 1988, with huge debts, most African
routes were culled. Staff salaries were left unpaid,
and staff resorted to, err, self-help, pilfering what
they could to sell.
By 1997, Nigeria Airways had only 3 planes, and had
been banned from most Western destinations over
safety concerns.
When Obasanjo took over in 1999, efforts were made
to revive the airline, including leasing a plane from
Air Djibouti.
Djibouti? We were such bad managers, and debtors
that only Djibouti agreed to lease a plane to us!
So, why did Nigeria Airways collapse?
Nicholas Ibekwe did excellent work on the demise of
our former national flag carrier. Every contract given
out between 1997 and 1999 when Jani Ibrahim was
Managing Director was found to be fraudulent. But
the biggest damage done to the airline was by
Mohammed Joji who misappropriated a total of $31
million. NOT ONE, of the people who were indicted
by Justice Nwazota Commission of Inquiry set up in
2002 has faced justice.
Nigeria Airways was a very good example of why the
Nigerian government should be banned from
running businesses. I urge the government of
President Buhari not to waste everyone’s time with
this venture.
Today’s #HistoryClass is over.

Friday, September 4, 2015

At last D'banj reveal the face of his real girlfriend, but you won't believe who!!

Since 2011, Adama and D'banj have been dating,
His recent affair with his South Africa boo who
followed D'banj to the MTV Award last month,
Who later kissed him that day caused a huge
misunderstanding between him and Adama. Now
he is trying to make up his Love for her. See his
post below on Instagram

Didier Drogba to release Autobiography in November

One of Africa’s most celebrated footballers, Didier
Drogba is set to release his autobiography in
The 37-year-old Ivory Coast striker promises an
interesting and honest book where he will talk about
life as an immigrant in Paris, the importance of his
education and how finding success later than most
professional footballers has kept him grounded.
You will get to find out more about life on and off the
field for Didier, who became famous for his time at
Chelsea FC.
The book titled, “Commitment“, can be pre-ordered
on Amazon.
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Kachikwu: We Saved $287m In Port Harcourt Refinery Turnaround Maintenance - Politics

The Group Managing Director (GMD) of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC), Dr. Emmanuel Ibe Kachikwu, has said Nigeria has saved over $287 million from the turnaround maintenance (TAM) of the Port Harcourt Refinery, Eleme.

Kachikwu made the disclosure shortly after an inspection tour of the refinery ON Wednesday.

He said foreign companies had requested to carry out the TAM at a cost of $297 million but the NNPC used its manpower and local oil servicing firms to achieve the maintenance at the cost of less than $10 million.

He said: "The asking price by the original refinery builder was $297 million. The disaster with that was that they were not professionals and they were not ready to give us guarantees. What we have done so far is under $10 million.

"Obviously, had we consistently done this overtime, we would not have the sort of nightmare that we have had today. Whatever it takes, we are going to raise money; we are going to raise some vessels to give them what they need to run this place and run it efficiently."

He said he was not ready to apportion blames for the failure to carry out TAM on the refinery for 25 years, but stressed that he was looking forward to getting solution for the nation's oil industry.

He expressed the desire of the federal government to ensure that the nation’s refineries operate at their optimum capacity, insisting that the nation would continue to import refined products as the refineries cannot meet local demand even if they work at their installed capacities.

“We said that we like to tie the delivery of crude to the refinery to make sure the FCC (Fluid Catalytic Cracking) Unit work, otherwise, we will be wasting very vital resource. Kaduna like you know came up and we had a little bit of hiccups yesterday, but it is still being worked on and it should come back on stream quickly. Port Harcourt is getting ready to get their FCC powered.

“We’ve got to realise that these are refineries that have not been given serious maintenance for over 15 to 18 years and what I saw today was quite amazing with a lot of energy from people who are locally based here doing their best to find an alternative solution.

“Otherwise, there would have been a very long gestation period in ordering parts for these refineries. What is important is that people are motivated and energised; they are focussed. They understand my timelines that we need to get these things to work; we need to support them whichever way we can.

“I am impressed with the energy and the effort that is going on there; I am impressed with the momentum. I think that if we continue on this part, we should see the refineries working near full blast very soon. Until then, we are going to manage our resources, how we deliver crude and what we need to do in terms of reducing contractual times to enable them get the parts they need to get the refineries working. I am happy with what I saw today; we still have some ways to go, but we are on the right part,” he said.

On the timeline for the refineries to go full blast, Kachikwu said: “From what I see, within the next 60 days, we should at least get two out of the three FCCs working. There are still some components that need to be tinkered with here and there and there would be stoppages while you are doing that? Certainly.

“But in a full capacity, they will be doing something like 16 million to 20 million litres of PMS. Our national consumption is within the range of between 30 million and 40 million litres; still to be determined. In their 40 per cent to 50 per cent capacity, we are probably looking at half of that. So, we will always continue to import some element of that.

“If we continue on this chain and if I can get them every month to have incremental values; we get at six, then we get at eight, then we get at 10, and set ourselves a 90-day spectrum to see where we are, that will be progress. Anything that I produce locally and don’t have to import is a plus.”

He ruled out any plan by the federal government to sell off the refineries, stating that instead, government might consider joint ventures.

“There will never be a plan to sell the refineries. There might be a plan to have joint venture investors, but that is going to depend on how the refineries are going to work on their own. Obviously, we are going to be looking at all options to make the refineries 100 per cent efficient,” he said.

In terms of crude supply, he said: “You know we have cancelled the crude supply by vessel contracts. We are going to use some stop-gap measures to use our own internal supplies from now till when the new contracts are looked at.

“The intent is to have the pipelines work. I am very focused on the pipelines; it is no longer good enough excuse that people are sabotaging the pipelines. We have got to deal with those sabotages and we are going to go extremely tough on this.

“If we can make the pipelines work, we get crude supply and get higher volumes easier. We are on the verge of bringing in army corps of engineers to help with pipeline protection. We should be looking at both aerial surveys by helicopters, surveys by the military and obviously naval surveys as long as we can.

“But we have to also engage the communities because at the end of the day, how all these we have planned are going to be functional will depend on how well we relate with the communities. Should the pipelines work, there is no alternative to it.”

On Warri Refinery that is shut down, Kachikwu said: “When you have a 30-year-old car, you are going to continue to shut it and repair and make it work. It is shut down, we are going to repair it and it is going to come back on stream. At some point, investments would be required to put in a sort of change processes.

“What our engineers are doing locally is fabricating as much as they can the replacement tools. We are working on it and the encouraging thing is not whether it is shut down; it is whether our guys are ready to get it up.

“On whether we can meet all our local production needs, probably not until we begin to put new refineries in place in addition to what we have. But if I can get them to near 100 per cent capacity for each of them, I would have taken away 50 per cent of the importation dynamics in this country. And that is what the focus should be.

“So, I am as frustrated as Nigerians are in terms of up, down, get up and shut down and all that stuff. This is the price you pay when you do not invest in turnarounds for so long a time.”

He however said he would not allow scarcity of petroleum products in the country.

“I will import as much as I need. I will try and refine as much as I can and I will keep looking at those comparative dynamics and see where I land. I certainly would hope that someday in my tenure, we would stop importing. But it is not going to happen on a 100 per cent basis unless you build new refineries,” he said.

Kachikwu further disclosed his intention to break into three the corporation’s subsidiary, the Pipelines and Product Marketing Company (PPMC), in continuation of the ongoing restructuring exercise.

NNPC in a statement from its Group General Manager Public Affairs, Ohi Alegbe, in Abuja stated that the move is part of a bid to ensure lean, efficient and profitable operations at the corporation.

The statement quoted Kachikwu to have made this disclosure during his official tour of the Okrika Jetty and the Port Harcourt Refining Company Limited (PHRC).
Kachikwu, the statement explained, noted that the PPMC would be split into a pipelines company that would focus primarily on the maintenance of the over 5,000 kilometres pipelines of the corporation, a storage company that would maintain all the over 23 depots and a products marketing company that would market and sell petroleum products.

He said that the move would ensure that the right set of skills are rightly positioned and the number of leakages in terms of pipelines break and products loss are reduced to the barest minimum.

President Buhari & VP's Osinbajo are not "Super Rich"...See President & VP's Declared Assets

 today’s world featuring Nigeria’s jetset of the super
rich 1% with their private jets and yachts, we now
know that President Buhari and Vice President
Osinbajo are not part of that group.
As promised, the Nation’s Number 1 and 2’s assets
have been publicly declared.
Buhari’s bank balance and list of assets contrasts
what one might expect from a previous Head of
State, given what we know from various
investigations and repatriated Swiss account funds
while Osinbajo is more financially buoyant.
Infographic by Punch Newspaper
Read the complete release;
Documents submitted by President Muhammadu
Buhari to the Code of Conduct Bureau (CCB), show
that the retired General has indeed been living an
austere and Spartan lifestyle, contrary to what many
might expect of a former Head of State of Nigeria and
one who has held a number of top government
positions, such as governor, Minister of petroleum
and the head of the Petroleum Development Trust
Fund (PTDF).
The documents submitted to the CCB, which officials
say are still being vetted and will soon be made
public, show that prior to being sworn in on May 29,
President Buhari had less than N30 million to his
name. He also had only one bank account, with the
Union Bank. President Buhari had no foreign
account, no factory and no enterprises.
He also had no registered company and no oil wells.
The Vice President, Professor Yemi Osinbajo (SAN)
who had been a successful lawyer before his foray
into politics declared a bank balance of about N94
million and 900,000 United States Dollars in his
bank accounts.
President Buhari declared however that he had
shares in Berger Paints, Union Bank and Skye Bank.
This is entirely unlike what one might expect from a
former head of state of a country like Nigeria.
The documents also revealed that President Buhari
had a total of five homes, and two mud houses in
Daura. He had two homes in Kaduna, one each in
Kano, Daura and in Abuja. One of the mud houses in
Daura was inherited from his late older sister,
another from his late father. He borrowed money
from the old Barclays Bank to build two of his homes.
President Buhari also has two undeveloped plots of
land, one in Kano and the other in Port Harcourt. He
is still trying to trace the location of the Port Harcourt
In addition to the homes in Daura, he has farms, an
orchard and a ranch. The total number of his
holdings in the farm include 270 heads of cattle, 25
sheep, five horses, a variety of birds and a
number of economic trees.
The documents also showed that the retired General
uses a number of cars, two of which he bought from
his savings and the others supplied to him by the
federal government in his capacity as former Head of
State. The rest were donated to him by well-wishers
after his jeep was damaged in a Boko Haram bomb
attack on his convoy in July 2014.
As revealed by the same forms, highlights of the Vice-
President, Professor Yemi Osinbajo’s asset
declaration include his 4-bedroom residence at
Victoria Garden City, Lagos and a 3-bedroom flat
at 2 Mosley Road, Ikoyi. The Vice President also
has a 2-bedroom flat at the popular Redemption
Camp along Lagos-Ibadan Expressway and a 2-
bedroom mortgaged property in Bedford,
England. Aside from these, the Vice President has no
other landed properties on the form.
Apart from his law firm, known as SimmonsCooper,
the Vice-President also declared shareholding in six
private companies based in Lagos, including
Octogenerium Ltd., Windsor Grant Ltd., Tarapolsa,
Vistorion Ltd., Aviva Ltd. and MTN Nigeria.
According to details shown on the form, the Vice-
President has about ninety four million naira, nine
hundred thousand US dollars and nineteen thousand
pounds in Nigerian Banks with the foreign currencies
kept in local domiciliary accounts. His personal
vehicles are one Infinity 4-Wheel Drive SUV, one
Mercedes Benz and a Prado Jeep.
As soon as the CCB is through with the process, the
documents will be released to the Nigerian public
and people can see for themselves.”
Signed :
Garba Shehu
Senior Special Assistant to the President (Media and


Dozens of  vir.gin girls and young women were killed as they traveled to the traditional festival where the King of Swaziland is know to pick
a new bride from thousands of topless, dancing virgins.
The tragic accident, which happened along the MR3 Highway, Mahhala, involved two trucks, which were ferrying maidens and a sedan.

According to Times of Swaziland, at least 38 of them died when the open-topped truck collided with another vehicle, before being hit by a second truck as it travelled along a motorway between the Swazi cities of Mbabane and Manzini on Friday afternoon.

The girls were all taking part in the Swazi Reed Dance Festival, an annual event which sees tens of thousands of unmarried girls – or ‘maidens’ – perform for King Mswati III.
Last year, he plucked a 19-year-old virgin from the dancing maidens, who became his 14th wife.

President Muhammadu Buhari is in Kaduna for a state visit.

The president, who arrived in the state this evening,
was received the deputy governor of the state,
Architect Bala Bantex, members of the State
Executive Council and other top government

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Justin Timberlake, Jessica Biel Have Adorable Date Night at Erykah Badu Gig — All the Details!

Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel left baby Silas at
home for a fun date night on Sunday, Aug. 30. The
husband and wife duo attended Erykah Badu’s
Hollywood Bowl performance in Los Angeles and had
what seems like the best night ever.
PHOTOS: Jessica Biel's red carpet evolution
According to a concertgoer, the “SexyBack” singer,
34, and the 7th Heaven alum, 33, were adorable
“They looked like they were in love and enjoying a
night out, just the two of them,” the observer tells Us
Weekly. “They leaned over and whispered to each
other a lot. They had wine and food in their box and
were laughing and smiling. They were both singing
and dancing along to Erykah Badu. They seemed to
be having a good time.”
PHOTOS: Jess' pregnancy style
Biel was just as enthusiastic cheering on her hubby
during his own performance at Taylor Swift’s
concert in L.A. on Wednesday, Aug. 26. While
Timberlake surprised guests with a rendition of
“Mirrors,” Biel adoringly cheered on her love.
“Jessica was clapping a ton and singing along to
Justin’s performance. She was clearly loving it,” a
witness previously told Us.

Ali Fedotowsky Is Engaged to Kevin Manno: See Her Huge Engagement R

Her Huge Engagement Ring!
She found her dream suitor, at last! Ali Fedotowsky
and her TV host boyfriend, Kevin Manno, are
engaged, the former Bachelorette announced via
Instagram on Thursday, Sept. 3.
"9.2.15 #MrsManno @kevinmanno," Fedotowsky, 30,
shared with her followers, alongside a picture of her
new fiancé and huge diamond ring. She elaborated
with more details on her blog,
"So excited to share that Kevin asked me to be his
wife and I said YES!!! No actually, I screamed yes.
Ha!" she gushed about the big moment. "He
proposed yesterday and we had the most beautiful,
magical day with our closest friends and can't wait to
celebrate with family back home. Love, the future
Mrs. Manno.

Gisele Bundchen Threatened Tom Brady With Divorce

 Gisele Bundchen
Threatened Tom Brady With
Tom Brady’s six-year marriage to Gisele Bundchen
is in dangerous territory. A source close to the
world’s highest-paid model, 35, and the $13 million-
plus-a-year NFL pro, 38, reveals in the latest issue of
Us Weekly they’ve been having intense fights since
he was hit with a four-game suspension in May.
(Recap: A report concluded that the New England
Patriots quarterback was “at least generally aware” of
the team’s decision to deflate footballs to help nab a
January playoff victory.)
PHOTOS: Tom and Gisele's most romantic moments
“Tom’s become very nasty and irritable and started
acting out on her,” says the source of the pair, who
didn’t celebrate their summer birthdays together.
Their spats have become so heated that Bundchen
recently consulted with a divorce lawyer, says a
Brady insider. “Tom thinks it’s only a threat,” says the
insider. “But this is definitely a rough patch.”
The parents to Benjamin, 5, and Vivian, 2, aren’t
ready to admit defeat just yet. The Brady insider
notes that they’re still sharing their Boston apartment
and have made it a point to spend time together one-
on-one. The Brazilian beauty also traveled to New
York to be with Brady (who shares son John, 8, with
ex Bridget Moynahan) for an Aug. 31 Deflategate

Unity Forum’s case against Saraki to go on

The Senate Unity Forum (SUF) yesterday vowed to
forge ahead with its legal battle against Senate
President Bukola Saraki and his deputy, Ike
Other defendants in the alleged Standing Order
forgery suit are the Clerk of the National Assembly,
the Clerk of the Senate, the Senate and the National
Senators Suleiman Hunkuyi, Kabir Garba Marafa,
Abu Ibrahim, Robert Ajayi Boroffice and Gbenga
Ashafa insisted that their case before the Federal
High Court, Abuja should go on.
The Forum, in a statement by its counsel, Mamman
Mike Osuman (SAN), against the backdrop of
reports that the SUF withdrew its suit on the
alleged forgery of the Senate Standing Orders 2015,
made its position public.
There were reports on Tuesday that Justice
Ademola Adeniyi of the Federal High Court struck
out the suit by the five Senators on behalf of the
Senate Unity Forum (SUF).
The counsel to the SUF, Mamman Mike Osuman
(SAN), said it was “erroneous and mischievous” to
claim that the suit by the five senators had been
He added that it was the first suit filed by Senator
Anthony Adeniyi, who was in the 7th Senate, that
was withdrawn to avoid abuse of court process.
He said: “Despite the legal possibility that the suit
discontinued by Sen. Anthony Adeniyi could be re-
filed, the media should have been more specific
about the case withdrawn.
“Contrary to the misinformation put out there, we
hereby confirm that the originating summons in
suit no: FHC/ABJ/CS/651/2015 filed at the instance
of the above-named senators against Saraki,
Ekweremadu and the National Assembly.
“The above particularised suit differs in contents
from that of Sen. Adeniyi as can be distilled from
their respective grounds, reliefs sought, affidavit
evidence, parties and declarations sought.”
Osuman insisted that the prayers sought by the five
senators in the originating summons were still
He said the plaintiffs maintained their position that
the election of Saraki and Ekweremadu was “illegal,
irregular and non-sustainable because the Senate
Standing Orders (2011) was not amended in the
manner stipulated by Rules 110 of the 2011 Senate
Standing Orders to produce the purported
document titled: Senate Standing Orders 2015 (as
The senators urged the court to prevent Saraki and
Ekweremadu from “proceeding with the
constitution of committees and appointment of
chairmen and deputy chairmen of committees
He said the demands of the Senate Unity Forum are
as follows:
The Senate Standing Orders 2011(as amended)
was not amended in manner stipulated by Rules
110 of the 2011 Senate Standing Orders to
produce the purported document titled “Senate
Standing Orders 2015(as amended);
The purported election which produced Saraki
and Ekweremadu as President and Deputy
President of the Senate respectively are illegal,
irregular, and non-sustainable;
That Saraki, Ekweremadu, the Clerk of the
National Assembly and the Clerk of the Senate
wrongfully relied on the Senate Standing Orders
2015 (Exhibit “B”) in electing the President and
Deputy President of the 5th Defendant (Senate);
That Saraki and Ekweremadu still seek to abide
by these contrived Rules which are at variance
with the valid, regular and subsisting Senate
Standing Orders 2011(as amended); and
The instant suit seeks not only the reversal of the
illegal elections and appointments but also to
restrain Saraki, Ekweremadu and the Senate
from proceeding with the constitution of
committees and appointment of chairmen and
deputy chairmen of committees.

AFCON: Ahmed Musa promises victory over Tanzania

CSKA Moscow star, Ahmed Musa, has promised to
captain Super Eagles to victory in Saturday’s
African Nations Cup qualifier in Tanzania.
The jet-heeled winger has been picked to lead the
team on Saturday in the absence of Lille goalkeeper
Vincent Enyeama.
He first wore the captain’s armband in a friendly
against South Africa earlier this year.
“For me, I think am not under pressure to lead the
team. I did it before in South Africa and by the
grace of God we would return with victory,” he told
He added that the players have an idea of what
they will come up against the Tanzanians after they
watched a tape of the East Africans.
“We watched the Tanzania game yesterday
(Tuesday) and we know how they play.
“We don’t have to under rate any country in Africa
and we would just go there and do our best,” he


Conflicts across the Middle East and North Africa
are preventing more than 13 million children from
attending school, leaving their hopes and futures
shattered, the United Nations Children's Fund said
in a report issued today.
The Unicef report "Education Under Fire" looked at
the impact of violence on schoolchildren in nine
territories, including Syria, Iraq, Yemen and Libya
where a generation is growing up outside of the
education system.
"It's no coincidence in that what we see in terms of
our TV pictures, the tragic pictures of people
crossing on boats to Greece and Italy, very much
comes back to the Syrian conflict and (to) the Iraqi
conflict to a lesser extent," Unicef regional director
Peter Salama said.
Refugees often say the education of their children
is their top priority, he said, and many countries in
the region simply are not able to provide that basic
human right.
The study also looked at Lebanon, Jordan and
Turkey - countries neighboring Syria and hosting
large numbers of refugees, as well as Sudan and
the Palestinian Territories.
Attacks on schools are one of the main reasons
why many children cannot go to classes while
many such buildings are now being used to shelter
displaced families or are used as bases for
combatants, Unicef said.
In Syria, Iraq, Yemen and Libya alone, nearly 9 000
schools are unable to be used for education, the
report said.
Thousands of teachers across the region have
abandoned their posts in fear, which has also
stopped parents from sending their children to
school, it added.
Countries hosting refugees are struggling to get
children into schools because their education
systems were never created to absorb such
numbers, Salama said.
"Everyone is basically straining at the seams in
terms in terms of dealing with this massive crisis,
which is not surprising given that it is the biggest
population movement since World War Two," he
Children out of school can end up working illegally,
often being breadwinners for their family. They are
vulnerable to exploitation and can be more easily
recruited into armed groups, he said.
Unicef's research shows children are increasingly
becoming combatants from a younger age, Salama
said, while students and teachers have been killed,
kidnapped and arrested.
"We're on the verge of losing an entire generation
of children in the Middle East and North Africa. We
must step up, otherwise it will be irreversible and
long-term damage we've collectively inflicted upon
the children of this region."

Three sisters give birth on same day in Irish hospital

Three Irish sisters have all given birth on the
same day, in the same hospital, while a fourth
sister who is also pregnant, was days overdue.
The three cousins were all born at Mayo General
Hospital in Castlebar, County Mayo, on Tuesday, 1
The sisters, who all live close to each other in
Cloonfad, County Roscommon, said the co-ordinating
births were not planned.
Staff at the hospital said the three babies were
healthy and thriving.
Mairead FitzPatrick was the first sister to give birth -
to a boy named Thomas Óg - at 03:25 local time on
Her sister Joeline Godfrey had a baby girl named
Sorcha at about 11:00, and the third sibling, Bernie
Ward, gave birth to a boy called Phelim at about
Their other sister, Christina Murray, is also a
maternity patient at the same hospital.
She had been due to go into labour on Sunday, but
went days overdue.
'Never happened'
Ms Murray said she was a "little bit" disappointed
that she had not given birth on the same day as her
sisters, but was hoping to have her baby very soon.
Ms FitzPatrick told Irish broadcaster RTÉ that
although they were all expecting at around the same
time, they did not think the births would happen
within a 24-hour period.
"I was actually due on Friday, the 28th [of August]
and Christina was due on the 30th," she said.
She added that Joeline underwent a Caesarean
section on Tuesday while their sister Bernie, who was
due on Wednesday 2 September, gave birth a day
The maternity manager at the hospital, Mary Salmon,
said staff were surprised by the family co-incidence.
"We're all talking about it... the fact that we have four
sisters in and it's never happened, as far as we know
anyway, going back some time," she said.

Migrant crisis: Pressure mounts as UK urged to 'do more'

David Cameron is facing growing pressure at
home and abroad for the UK to take in more of
the many thousands of people fleeing to Europe.
It comes after a picture of a dead boy lying on a
Turkish beach sparked an outcry over the crisis's
human cost.
Ex-Tory party chairman Baroness Warsi said the UK
should be prepared to "share the burden" and a
senior UN official said the UK could "do more".
On Wednesday, the prime minister said taking more
people was not the answer.
Instead, he argued, it was important to "bring
peace and stability" to the parts of the world
migrants were fleeing from, such as war-ravaged
£900m aid
A number of Conservative MPs have called for the
government to take in more migrants, with
backbencher David Burrowes saying the UK "should
accept thousands, not hundreds" of people.
Johnny Mercer, the Conservative MP for Plymouth
Moor View, said that mothers trying to keep their
children afloat on life jackets should not think of the
UK as a place that did not welcome them.
And Stafford MP Jeremy Lefroy said he believed the
UK should provide sanctuary to more refugees,
alongside ongoing efforts to tackle the causes of the
Analysis, BBC political editor Laura Kuenssberg
Only the hardest of hearts would not be moved by
the latest images of the people who have been caught
up in the danger and chaos of this mass movement.
Images of a toddler, washed up on a beach in Turkey,
ram home the sometimes deadly consequences of
what is going on.
Right now though there seems little prospect of the
UK government shifting its position on taking in more
refugees, as EU leaders and Labour opponents have
been calling for.
Although these latest images are heart wrenching,
David Cameron's conviction is that it's more effective
to tackle the cause not the symptom of this crisis.

China military parade commemorates WW2 victory over Japan

China has held a lavish parade in Beijing to mark
the defeat of Japan in World War Two,
showcasing its military might on an
unprecedented scale.
President Xi Jinping in his opening speech paid
tribute to "the Chinese people who unwaveringly
fought hard and defeated aggression" from Japan.
He also said the People's Liberation Army would be
reduced by 300,000 personnel, but gave no
China's growing military power is being keenly
watched amid regional tensions.
China has several territorial disputes with neighbours
in the South China Sea, as well as with Japan in the
East China Sea.

Migrant crisis: Why Syrians do not flee to Gulf states

As the crisis brews over Syrian refugees trying to
enter European countries, questions have been
raised over why they are not heading to wealthy
Gulf states closer to home.
Although those fleeing the Syrian crisis have for
several years been crossing into Lebanon, Jordan
and Turkey in huge numbers, entering other Arab
states - especially in the Gulf - is far less
Officially, Syrians can apply for a tourist visa or work
permit in order to enter a Gulf state.
But the process is costly, and there is a widespread
perception that many Gulf states have unwritten
restrictions in place that it make it hard for Syrians to
be granted a visa in practice.
Most successful cases are Syrians already in Gulf
states extending their stays, or those entering
because they have family there.
For those with limited means, there is the added
matter of the sheer physical distance between Syria
and the Gulf.
Not welcome?
This comes as part of wider obstacles facing Syrians,
who are required to obtain rarely granted visas to
enter almost all Arab countries.
Without a visa, Syrians are not currently allowed to
enter Arab countries except for Algeria, Mauritania,
Sudan and Yemen.
The relative wealth and proximity to Syria of the
states has led many - in both social and as well as
traditional media - to question whether these states
have more of a duty than Europe towards Syrians
suffering from over four years of conflict and the
emergence of jihadist groups in the country.
The Arabic hashtag
#Welcoming_Syria's_refugees_is_a_Gulf_duty has
been used more than 33,000 times on Twitter in the
past week.
Users have posted powerful images to illustrate the
plight of Syrian refugees, with photos of people
drowned at sea, children being carried over barbed
wire, or families sleeping rough.
A Facebook page called The Syrian Community in
Denmark has shared a video showing migrants
being allowed to enter Austria from Hungary,
prompting one user to ask: "How did we flee from
the region of our Muslim brethren, which should take
more responsibility for us than a country they
describe as infidels?"
Another user replied: "I swear to the Almighty God,
it's the Arabs who are the infidels."
'Let them in!'
The story has also attracted the attention of regional
press and political actors.
The Saudi daily Makkah Newspaper published a
cartoon - widely shared on social media - that
showed a man in traditional Gulf clothing looking out
of a door with barbed wire around it and pointing at
door with the EU flag on it.
"Why don't you let them in, you discourteous
people?!" he says.
The commander of the opposition Free Syrian Army
(FSA), Riyad al-Asaad, retweeted an image of
refugees posted by a former Kuwaiti MP, Faisal al-
Muslim, who had added the comment: "Oh countries
of the Gulf Cooperation Council, these are innocent
people and I swear they are most deserving of
billions in aid and donations."
But despite the appeals from social media, Gulf
states' position seems unlikely to shift in favour of
Syrian refugees.
In terms of employment, the trend in most Gulf
states, such as Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the
UAE is towards relying on migrant workers from
South-East Asia and the Indian subcontinent,
particularly for unskilled labour.
While non-Gulf Arabs do occupy positions in skilled
mid-ranking jobs, for example in education and
health, they are up against a "nationalisation" drive
whereby the Saudi and Kuwaiti governments in
particular are seeking to prioritise the employment of
Non-native residents may also struggle to create
stable lives in these countries as it is near impossible
to gain nationality.
In 2012, Kuwait even announced an official strategy
to reduce the number of foreign workers in the
emirate by a million over 10 years.

You are on the Guest List for the MAJU Shopping Party! | 6th September 2015

Fresh off the positive reviews and feedback from its
La Sorella Campaign, fashion brand, Maju is set
to host a shopping party this weekend.
The brand is putting together a fun shopping party,
allowing everyone to shop their favorite looks from
its latest campaign, previous collections and many
more items that haven’t been seen before!
You don’t want to miss out on this event.
Date: Sunday, September 6th 2015
Venue: Miliki Lounge , 7b Etim Inyang Crescent,
Victoria Island Lagos
Time: 1 PM
For more information about MAJU, Follow
@shopmaju on Instagram | Email for all enquiries or visit the

Emeka Ike’s Official Statement on Battery & Divorce Tales | Explains the Role Chris Okotie Allegedly Played

If you have not been keeping up with Nollywood
actor Emeka Ike and his wife of 15 years, Suzanne
Rero Ike, here’s a quick summary.
Suzanne reportedly filed for divorce a couple of
months ago and it surfaced in her court testimony
that she had allegedly suffered emotional and
physical abuse for years.
Emeka Ike refuted the reports and he denied ever
laying a hand on his wife but admitted that his wife
has left their home. He appealed for her to come
back and explained why he cannot be a wife beater.
He has now released an official statement where he
tries to pin-point the cause of the marital issues while
also categorically stating that he has never laid hands
on his wife. He also mentions that certain influences
might have added to the breakdown of his marriage.
Read his official statement below.
‘The lawyer Chris Okotie hired for my wife is
also frustrating every attempt I make to
resolve the matter peacefully’
“I want people to look into this issue
critically. I’ve never beaten this woman in my
life. When she ran out of home, I called my
pastor and they took us for counselling. For
one week, I was begging her every day; I
would go home alone and she would go
home alone as well.
“At a point, pastor asked us to write five
things we like and dislike about each other.
The pastor said that maybe we could work it
out. I wrote mine, she wrote hers and she
never said there that I used to beat her. I still
have that document with me. She gave me
what she wrote and I gave her what I wrote.
If I used to beat her, she could not have left it
out from that then. Any man that beats a
woman is a coward. I know that someone
somewhere must have done something to
her. How can I beat a woman I adore so
much? I love my family and this is very
unfortunate. Her children have been begging
her to come home, and she has refused.
“I am pretty sure my wife is acting confused;
she is acting as if she is under a spell, which
is psychological and then she is acting under
“There was a time I accused her of bringing
men to my house. I mean, which woman will
wake her husband up in the middle of the
night and said to him, share your property I
want to get my share now from what you
have? Tell me, which woman will do that if
not acting under a spell?
“There was a time I travelled and she closed
down my school and sent all the students
away. So, there is a lot to it, other than the
allegation of battery against me and I want
the whole world to know. My name is
precious to me and I don’t want anything to
drag it in the mud.
“Pastor Chris Okotie just absolved my wife
into his church without making any effort to
get in touch with me. If as a pastor, your
church member is having issue with her
husband, and you failed to do anything to
resolve it, what kind of pastor are you? When
I called him, he refused to pick my call. He
also failed to react to a text message I sent to
him. Is that a man of God? Even, if you have
a police case, they will make effort to hear
from you before taking a position, not to talk
of the church.
“When we went to court, I told my wife that
I’m interested in amicable settlement of the
matter, and that I still want her back. But she
refused. Even, if you don’t want me, what of
your children, I asked her and she still would
not listen to me. I want the whole world to
know because there is a lot of
misinformation out there. The lawyer which
Okotie hired for my wife is also frustrating
every attempt I make to resolve the matter

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Nigeria To Champion Africa’s Devt Through Science, Tech

The Federal
Government has
pledged to lead
the campaign in
Africa’s speedy
development through aggressive promotion of
science education, research and development.
The Acting Permanent Secretary, Federal Ministry of
Education, Hajia Hindatu Abdullahi made the pledge
on Monday in Abuja, while declaring open events
marking the 23rd Pan African Science Olympiad, held
at the ECOWAS Commission headquarters.
Hajia Abdullahi, who was represented at the occasion
by the Director Technical and Science Services, Dr.
(Mrs.) Isiavwe Rosetta, said for Africa to keep abreast
with global trends of technological advancement and
perhaps succeed in solving its multifarious problems,
efforts must be geared towards science and
educational research as the bedrock, with Nigeria
playing a leading role.
She described Mathematics as the very essence for
any meaningful human activity and endeavour,
adding that the staging of the Pan African Science
Olympiad is timely and very much relevant in the
struggle for economic growth and development.
She said: “Without effective training and research,
Africa will be unable to build the knowledge base and
capacity needed to help the continent achieve its
much needed sustainable socio- economic growth
and create world class centers of excellence in
In his welcome address at the occasion, the Director
General of the National Mathematical Center,
Professor A.R.T Solarin, advocated the declaration of
a ‘’State of Emergency on Mathematics’’, as part of
effort aimed at addressing the various challenges
confronting the teaching and learning of
mathematics in Nigeria.
In his words: “Most of the present crop of teachers of
mathematics are not qualified, certainly not the best
and not properly motivated. There is the urgent need
for concerted training of teachers of mathematics
and the review of the curriculum on the subject.’’
The Executive secretary of National Universities
Commission (NUC), Professor Julius Okojie in his
address at the occasion, called for a review of the
syllables used in the teaching of mathematics and the
recruitment of qualified teachers.

Truck’s Container Falls Off Ojuelegba Bridge, Crushes Couple

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About an hour
ago, a container
fell off the truck
conveying it
from the
bridge in Lagos,
crushing to
death two
occupants of an unidentifiable SUV believed to be a
According to an eye witness who spoke to Daily
Times, a second white colored car, was also partially
crushed but fortunately the occupants had
scampered to safety on time.
The eye witness narrated that they were raising
alarm to alert the driver of the jeep and the other
occupant suspected to be his wife, without avail as
the occupants who wound up the car windows
obviously could not make out their cries.
Other eye witnesses disclosed that the truck had
earlier this morning fallen at Ijora road, but was
uploaded again only to cause havock at Ojuelegba
It was also discovered that the container got loose as
a result of not been fastened to the truck with hooks,
chains or clips.

Fish and snake caught mid-battle by Australian fisherman

An Australian spear fisherman has captured a
bizarre battle between what appears to be one of
the world's most venomous fish and a deadly
Rick Trippe spotted the elegant sea snake latching
onto an apparent stonefish off Darwin last Thursday.
His photos of the showdown quickly went viral.
Speaking to the BBC, Mr Trippe said he had been
diving on a World War Two wreck in Darwin Harbour
when he made the unusual find.
Mr Trippe said he drew on his experience of fishing
pythons out of his chicken coop when he pulled the
wrestling creatures from the water, clutching the
snake under its mouth.
"I'm silly but not mad. I knew this was dangerous. I
knew if I grabbed it I wouldn't get the bitten," Mr
Trippe said.
"I could hear the fish croaking so I let them both go,
but the snake made a beeline back to the fish," he
The highly venomous snake eventually came out on
top, but it could possibly have died as well from the
poisonous stonefish.
The venom released from the 13 spines on a
stonefish's back can kill a human in two hours if not
Mr Trippe has encountered some strange scenes in
Darwin Harbour before.
Two weeks ago, he was part of a team who helped
rescue a horse that ended up stranded in the

Starfish-killing robot close to trials on Great Barrier Reef

An autonomous starfish-killing robot is close to
being ready for trials on the Great Barrier Reef,
researchers say.
Crown-of-thorns starfish have have been described
as a significant threat to coral.
The Cotsbot robot, which has a vision system, is
designed to seek out starfish and give them a lethal
After it eradicates the bulk of starfish in a given area,
human divers can move in and mop up the survivors.
Field trials of the robot have begun in Moreton Bay in
Brisbane to refine its navigation system, Queensland
University of of Technology researcher Matthew
Dunbabin told the BBC.
There are no crown-of-thorns starfish in Moreton
Bay but once the navigation has been refined, the
robot will be unleashed on the reef.
"Later this month we begin deploying the robot in the
Great Barrier Reef to evaluate our state-of-the-art
vision-based crown-of-thorns starfish (COTS)
detection system," he said.
"Over the next five months we plan to progressively
increase the level of autonomy the robot is allowed,
leading to autonomous detection and injection of the
The technology has two key components - an image
recognition system and the robot submersible.
"The core of the detection is a state-of-the-art
computer vision and machine learning system," Mr
Dunbabin said.
"This system has been trained to recognise COTS
[crown-of-thorns starfish] from among a vast range
of corals using thousands of still images of the reef
and videos taken by COTS-eradicating divers."
Since the 1960s, the movement of nutrients from the
land into the sea has meant that starfish numbers
are growing and destroying large areas of reef, the
researchers said.

View photo of a guy who got mad over toshiba istead of apple laptop

A guy who got angry with with his dad over a laptop, the requested for a apple laptop and his dad got he a toshiba and he had to convert it to what you are seeing on the picture. Funny.

The Queen becomes Britain's longest serving monarch this month - but who has she beaten to get.

On September 9 2015 the Queen will overtake Queen
Victoria to become Britain’s longest reigning
monarch with a reign of more than 63 years 216
It’s a feat now unlikely ever to be surpassed, but who
else has she overtaken on the way?
Since the Act of Union 1707 united England and
Scotland to form Great Britain there have been 12
monarchs of the Kingdom – three women and nine
The countries shared a monarch with Ireland but
were not officially united with the country until 1801
when the United Kingdom of Great Britain and
Ireland was formed.
After most of Ireland left in 1922 the name was
changed again to the United Kingdom of Great
Britain and Northern Ireland.
Here are the 12 British Monarchs and the length of
their reigns.

you've got to see miley cyrus' live reaction to nicki minaj's vmas diss

During the VMAs on Sunday night (August 31) Nicki
Minaj decided to call out Miley Cyrus during her
acceptance speech, challenging the host over her
comments she made in a recent interview.
It was all very dramatic, and up until now everyone
thought Miley was caught off guard following Nicki's
But the live footage from the night has now been
revealed, and it shows Miley's full reaction to it all.

Dance with Peter- Bring crew and show what you have to offer.

The Abuja auditions for the much-publicised Dance
with Peter, has produced six winners.
The event held last Friday, as kick off of the Glo-
sponsored reality show in collaboration with Peter
Okoye, the one-half of P-Square.
The successful candidates are a 24-year-old
professional dancer, Yemi Afolabi Osokoya; a 21-
year-old National Open University undergraduate,
Miracle Chinonso Nelson, and a female architect,
Mariam Ahmed.
Also, among the finalists are male dancer, Ibrahim
Afeez Abiodun, female dancer Amenze Blessing
Omoregie, and an all-male dance group called
ElevatorzNg, made up of five Theatre and Cultural
Studies undergraduates of Nasarawa State
University. The members include Atuonwu
Samson, Kelvin Anyaruoh, Jekeygreen Emmanuel,
Michael Atuonwu and Godrich Olokor Ogenebroze.
All six finalists are expected to proceed to Lagos
where they will battle contestants from other parts
of Nigeria and Ghana for the grand prize of a brand
new Toyota RAV 4, N3 million and the rare
opportunity of featuring in P-Square’s next music
The first and second runners-up of the dance
project will go home with a brand new Honda Civic
car with N2million and a brand new Kia Rio car
with N1million respectively. Both of them will also
have the chance to feature in a top Glo
Ambassador’s music videos.
Over 200 individual and group dancers, male and
female of various ages slugged it out at the Musa
Yar’Adua Centre venue of the Abuja audition of the
dance competition.
Attracting great attention at the Abuja audition was
a nine-year-old Divine Uche, who narrowly
emerged with a qualifying ticket at the audition. He
performed solo, executing mind-boggling stunts
and winning himself a standby slot, which he
inevitably yielded to more experienced dancers
much later in the night.
On the judging panel were Peter Okoye, a
Globacom ambassador and one of Nigeria’s most
famous performing twins, PSquare, Dance Queen,
Kaffy, and P-Squares’ choreographer, Nonso more
popularly known as Don Flex.
The audition train is expected to next move to
Accra for the Ghanaian leg holding at the National
Theatre, South Liberia Road, Accra, today.
Organisers say this will be followed by Benin, Edo
State, next week Friday, at the Oba Akenzua
Cultural Center, Airport Road, Benin City. Lagos is
next in line on Tuesday, September 8, at Bamako
Studios, 1 Bamako Street, Ojodu, Lagos.
The final audition for “Dance with Peter” will be
held in Port Harcourt on September 10 where
prospective dancers in the show will be auditioned
at the Atrium Event Centre, Stadium Road.
Organisers say those who want to participate in the
show can register by sending ‘DANCE’ to the short
code 55517 in Nigeria and 3030 in Ghana through
their Glo lines, at the cost of N100 for Nigeria and
0.5GHc for Ghana.

American comedian Kevin Hart is coming to South Africa.

He is one of the funniest and most loved
comedians across the world.
American comedian and actor Kevin Hart is not
afraid of making fun of his short height and leaves
no stone unturned when on stage.
Stand up comedy fans will be pleased to hear that
Kevin is coming to South Africa.
He will be in Mzansi in March 2016 for his Kevin
Hart What Now? tour.
He will be in the country courtesy of Savanna Cider,
which has been at the forefront of the SA comedy
This will be the Think Like A Man star’s first time in
the country.
His comedy tour started in Texas in April this year
and sold out shows across the USA, Canada, UK
and Australia.
Now it’s our turn!
His shows will take place in Cape Town, Durban
and Joburg and dates will be released soon.
Marcel Swain, the brand’s SA marketing manager
said: “The brand’s association with this funniest
world class entertainer is spot on for the brand.
“This is why we have gone all out to bring Kevin to
South Africa on his very first visit.”
Kevin has featured in movies and television shows
including About Last Night and Real Husbands Of
Tickets will be available at Computicket soon.
For more information follow the brand on social

See what happen to those girls; NAKED JOB PROTEST!

FOR YEARS they have been promised jobs but they
are still unemployed.
So this time they took their protest to a different
level – by exposing their breasts in public.
What they wanted to show bosses was that they are
serious about getting jobs!
So yesterday residents of Mokopane, Limpopo
once again protested outside the Mogalakwena
Platinum Mine.
As always they chanted and danced and barricaded
the road with burning tyres – knowing in their
hearts that once again the mine bosses would not
listen to them.
So they spiced up their march by stripping off their
shirts and underwear!
With their breasts exposed and chanting in front of
the burning tyres they hope the management will
realise how badly they need jobs.
A lady with her breasts exposed shouted: “Perhaps
if they see our bodies they will listen to us. We are
sick and tired of their empty promises!”
The police at the protest were ready to fire rubber
bullets to disperse the crowd, but they came to a
standstill when they saw the chanting women
remove their top coverings from their bodies.
The women told Daily Sun they acted as they did
for the sake of their children.
The striking communities claim they will not stop
protesting until they get a positive response from
the mine.
Jacob Mphofu (40) said: “They are right next to our
village. They must make us their first priority. They
make a lot of money on our land but we still do not
have work. They must give us jobs!”
Mphofu said they had sent many memorandums in
previous years and had also held protests, but the
management had never even bothered to reply.
All the roads leading into the mine were barricaded
and last night some of the mine’s equipment,
including vehicles, was burned.
Colonel Ronel Otto of the Limpopo police
confirmed that mine equipment had been
damaged and burned, including vehicles.
“Police are at the protest to calm the protesters
and nine people have been arrested for public
violence,” Otto said.
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Ambode urges ICAN on anti-corruption crusade

Lagos State Governor Akinwunmi Ambode has
urged members of the Institute of Chartered
Accountants of Nigeria (ICAN) to support the anti-
corruption and re-orientation efforts of President
Muhammadu Buhari.
He spoke yesterday at the opening ceremony of the
45th Annual Conference of the ICAN, held at the
International Conference Centre, Abuja.
Ambode said the pivotal role played by
accountants in the day-to-day running of
government means that they must be above board
in discharging their duties.
He said: “I once heard someone say that only
accountants can save the world – through peace,
goodwill and reconciliations. That tells me that the
people who can save Nigeria are in this hall today.
We must kick-start that process now by developing
mechanisms that will make it compelling for
members of the Institute to exhibit a high level of
integrity wherever we find ourselves.”
According to him, as custodians and managers of
financial resources, accountants must be above
board and resist the temptation to compromise
professional ethics and personal integrity.
The governor enjoined accountants to begin the
process of raising the bar of integrity through a
pragmatic rebuilding of the nation’s value system,
to redefine the vision of the profession.
He recalled that since the establishment of ICAN in
1965, the Institute had lived up to the expectations
and dreams of the founding fathers, which berthed
world-class chartered accountants offering quality
services at the top echelon of both the public and
private sectors. “

Attacks on Buhari’s war against corruption – The case of Nwabueze

Last week’s piece on Bishop Mathew Hassan
Kukah’s objections to President Muhammadu
Buhari’s declared war on corruption during Dr.
Goodluck Jonathan’s presidency, has elicited by far
the largest number of reactions to this column so
far this year – 84 texts and three emails in all. Out
of the 84 texts, only three vehemently disagreed
with my criticism of the bishop. Another six or so
shared my view, but disagreed with my hunch that
religion had much to do with the bishop’s position.
The rest were critical of him with no caveats.
I think the number of the readers’ reactions alone
suggests that most Nigerians, regardless of
religion or tribe, consider the fight against
corruption the country’s topmost priority. If my
guess is right, Professor Ben Nwabueze must then
belong to a minority who think otherwise. For the
professor, religion, specifically Islam, and not
corruption, poses the greatest threat to Nigeria’s
peace and progress.
In an over 3,300-word interview in The PUNCH of
August 9 he said so categorically. Asked by the
newspaper if he agreed with the widespread public
opinion that corruption posed the biggest
challenge the country faces, he said no. Corruption,
he said, was only “the second biggest.”
The first, he said, “is the crisis arising from the
religious divide. That is the first and the most
terrible. After that comes corruption. All other
things are subsidiaries.”
Our Constitution, he said, contained two
contradictory ideologies, one favoured by
Christianity and the other by Islam. The ideology
preferred by Christianity, he said, is democracy,
whereas that preferred by Islam which is based on
Sharia or Islamic Law “favours theocracy and other
forms of dictatorial rule.”
The conflict between these two ideologies, he said,
has landed the country in the middle of a big crisis
which, he said in effect, Buhari is incapable of
resolving in favour of democracy because he is an
agent of Islamic theocracy.
“He,” the professor said, “has many restraints; he
has many constraints. He is not a free agent.
Whatever may be his personal characteristics, he is
not a free agent. HE WAS CHOSEN AS THE APC’S
ANY FURTHER. His ability, his capacity to fight
corruption decisively is constrained and restrained
by some factors, mostly religious.” (Emphasis
As a professor, especially of law and, for that
matter, a Senior Advocate of Nigeria, Nwabueze
should know better than reach a verdict based on
conjecture rather than facts. Clearly, however, his
barely disguised conclusion that Buhari was
elected the presidential candidate of APC to impose
an Islamic theocracy on Nigeria is without any
basis in fact.
No doubt religion is important to Nigerians as a
means of identity. A survey in the country ahead of
the April 21, 2007 presidential elections by the
American Pew Research Centre titled “Nigeria’s
Presidential Election: The Christian-Muslim Divide”
suggested that the vast majority of its people
regarded religion as more important for their
identity than their nationality, ethnicity and
continent. Among Christians the percentage was
76 for religion as against nine for nationality, six
for ethnicity and eight for the continent. For
Muslims the percentages were 91, five, zero and
The same survey, however, showed that both
groups favoured democracy over any other form of
government. Among Christians the percentage of
those who said free and fair elections with a choice
of at least two political parties were “somewhat or
very important” was 86 as against 13 who said it
was “not too or not at all important.” The
percentages for Muslims were 93 and four.
It’s been eight years and two presidential elections
since Pew’s survey. However, given the enthusiasm
with which Nigerians have participated in those
elections, it is very clear that they have not changed
their minds about their preference for democracy
whatever their religion.
That enthusiasm alone must make one wonder on
what basis our learned professor reached his
verdict that Nigeria faces a greater danger from
our religious differences than from corruption.
In his interview, Nwabueze at first says he would
not spell out the powers constraining Buhari from
fighting corruption and propelling him to impose
Islamic theocracy on Nigeria. “I won’t,” he said, “go
any further” in naming Buhari’s puppeteers.
Over halfway through the interview, however, he
went ahead all the same to name two. The first, he
says, is “the invisible government of Nigeria”
whose existence is known to only a few. The other,
he says, is “a group of die-hard Islamists
determined to impose Islamic (Sharia) system of
government on Nigeria.”
The first group, he claimed, is led by former
military president, General Ibrahim Babangida and
former head of state, General Abdulsalami
Abubakar. The group, he added, has been
strengthened by former president, Olusegun
Obasanjo, who has since left the erstwhile ruling
Peoples Democratic Party.
He named no names in his group of “die-hard
Islamists,” but elsewhere in the interview he did
say Boko Haram was a manifestation of the group
as the local wing of global jihadists.
Conspiracy theories come at dozens a kobo.
However, the professor’s theories of an “invisible
government” led by Babangida dictating policies
and programmes to President Buhari, and of the
leadership of Boko Haram sect as yet another
godfather of Buhari, must rank as one of the
cheapest form of demagoguery. Certainly it ranks
as the most laughable because it is no more than
an attempt by an otherwise brilliant scholar to
elevate beer-parlour gossip to the level of serious
Actually it is worse than laughable because even in
beer parlours it would be hard to find anyone who
does not know that there has really never been any
love lost between Buhari and Babangida since the
latter overthrew the former as head of state in
August 1985 in a bloodless palace coup. In any
case, if the professor’s invisible government truly
existed and Babangida was its patriarch, how come
he couldn’t even fulfil his proverbial wish to step
back in to power since the return of democracy in
As for General Abdulsalami being a chieftain of
Nwabueze’s invisible government, anyone who has
followed the man’s military career would testify to
the fact that a more apolitical person is hard to
find. And only the most credulous person would
believe the professor’s claim that Obasanjo, with
his huge ego, would play second fiddle to anyone
in any group in this country.
In his over 3,000-word, two-part essay published by
The Guardian last month which he claimed to be
the position of Igbo Leaders of Thought – I have my
doubts about his claim because associations of
people don’t go announcing their positions through
longish essays – he said the group objected to
Buhari limiting his probe of corruption to
Jonathan’s presidency alone because that would be
selective and cannot put an end to the vice.
The professor is obviously right to say that fighting
corruption under Jonathan alone is selective.
However, he is wrong to argue that the fight will
succeed only if it includes corruption under
Jonathan’s predecessors all the way back to 1985
under Babangida.
His assumption here is obvious; it is possible to
eliminate corruption. That assumption is patently
false. As long as there is human society there will
be corruption. What is important, however, is to
have a system that makes corruption difficult and
also punishes the corrupt whenever he is found
out. In Nigeria’s history, no administration has
made it so easy to steal with so much impunity as
Jonathan’s. Such was the impunity that he could
not even rely on his men – and women – not to
steal the money meant for his election victory, an
impunity which resulted in an incumbent losing an
election at the national level for the first time in the
history of this country.
Because it is not possible to end corruption, the
fight against it must never fall into the danger of
allowing perfection to be the enemy of the good.
Fighting all corrupt cases simultaneously is perfect
but even our professor cannot deny that starting
with the most obvious case is a good start. Nor can
he deny that Jonathan’s presidency holds the gold
medal in the race for self-aggrandisement because,
as he himself said in The PUNCH interview in
question, corruption today has assumed
“buccaneering” proportions.
At 84, Professor Nwabueze should be concerned
about his legacies. Some of the most notable ones
among these are hardly what his children,
grandchildren and great-grandchildren can be
proud of. Among these is the Unification Decree of
1966 which he was a principal author of and which
eventually led to our civil war. Another one he
masterminded was the decree which established
the Interim National Government under Chief
Ernest Shonekan in 1993 which, in turn, paved the
way for the venal dictatorship of General Sani
In between the two decrees he became – and
continues to be – a leading advocate of Nigeria as a
federation of ethnic nationalities, a most
reactionary idea you can think of in a world that
has since become a global village and where the
wealthiest countries are melting pots of diverse
creeds and cultures instead of patchworks of their
constituent parts.
Let it not, in addition, be said of him that here was
a man who used his brilliance to try and scuttle the
first attempt by any administration in this country
to seriously fight corruption.
I am sorry I am unable to reproduce the reactions
to the last two pieces today as I promised last week
due to space constraint. Next week, God willing, I’ll
devote the entire column to some of the reactions.

N338b loans excite workers in Osun, Oyo, Kwara, Ekiti

Workers in Kwara State – one of the first states to
enjoy the N338b Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN)-
guranteed bailout loan – have started getting their
backlog of salaries.
The payment began on Monday, with scores of
excited civil servants queuing at banks in Ilorin, the
state capital, to receive their salaries.
Twenty-seven states are to get the loans, which are
to be disbursed by 14 banks.
But as at yesterday, many of the states were still
fine-tuning the paperwork to enable them access
the money.
Most of the states allayed workers’ fears that the
cash could go into financing projects, leaving
salaries unpaid. Officials promised that this would
not be the case.
Labour leaders in Oyo State said yesterday that
they had reached an agreement with Governor
Abiola Ajimobi to use the N26.601b being expected
to clear all salary arrears.
The state has four months outstanding salaries to
pay workers in its employ on Grade Levels 1 to 12.
Senior officers on Grade Level 13 and above are
hoping to receive five months salaries.
The government last month paid April salary to
workers on Grade Levels 1 to 12.
The local Nigerian Labour Congress (NLC)
Chairman Comrade Waheed Olojede, said labour
leaders held a meeting with the governor where it
was agreed that the fund would be spent on
clearing outstanding salaries.
He said labour would continue to be on its guard to
ensure that the funds are not diverted to other
Olojede said: “We have been on guard in Oyo State.
We read in The Nation yesterday (Monday) about
the sums of money approved for states. We were
happy that Oyo State was among them.
Immediately after reading the story, we sought an
audience with Governor Ajimobi over it and he met
all the labour leaders in the evening. The meeting
was successful.
“The governor confirmed to us but informed us
that the money was yet to be accessed due to the
conditions yet to be met. He, however, promised
that all the conditions would be met soon and the
fund would be accessed.
“We also agreed that as soon as it is released, it
should be spent on salaries of workers.”
Some of the conditions for accessing the loan
resolutions of the State Executive Council
authorising the borrowing;
State House of Assembly consenting to the loan
package; and
issuance of Irrevocable Standing Payment Order
(ISPO) to ensure timely repayment.
In Ekiti State, the government and labour disagreed
on whether the state had accessed the loan or not.
Ekiti State Commissioner for Information, Youth
and Sports, Lanre Ogunsuyi denied that the state
had received its own share.
Ogunsuyi, in a telephone chat, explained that the
money was still domiciled in the Central Bank of
Nigeria (CBN) and “every state is just applying for it
He insisted that the money was not a bailout as
believed in many quarters but the commonwealth
of all the federating states in the country.
Ekiti State’s share is N9.604 billion.
NLC Chairman Ade Adesanmi could not be reached
for comments, but Trade Union Congress (TUC)
Chairman Kolawole Olaiya maintained that the
government had received N9. 6 billion.
Olaiya, who spoke with our correspondent on
telephone, urged the Fayose administration to
ensure that the outstanding September 2014
salary, 2014 and 2015 leave bonuses are paid to
The TUC boss praised the Buhari administration for
the package, which he said to rescue states from
insolvency, noting that it was good news to workers
in Ekiti who expect the state government to do the
He said: “The Federal Government is desirous to
ease the burden on workers and I don’t think
anybody can hide under any guise to punish
workers. The Federal Government meant well and I
want to commend the Buhari administration for
this bailout because the workers’ conditions are
“The bailout has been paid (to Ekiti) and I want to
rely on the facts published by The Nation on
Monday. We have been hearing that Ekiti had just
received the money.
“It is just unfortunate that most of the labour
leaders in Ekiti are not supposed to be in Labour.
They are conniving with the present government to
rob workers of their reward and they are
contributing more to the plight of workers.
“They are not supposed to be labour leaders, they
are usurpers. September salaries, 2014 leave
bonus and 2015 leave bonus have remained
A leader of the TUC in Osun State, Comrade
Akinyemi Olatunji, said there was no indication that
the cash had come to the state.
Olatunji said the labour unions were monitoring
the release of the funds through their various
national secretariats.
According to him, workers in the state had only
collected half of their January and February
salaries so far.
The state government said it was waiting for the
N34.9 billion allocated to Osun to drop into the
state account after it had been approved by the
Central Bank.
Former Commissioner for Information and
Strategy, Sunday Akere said the payment of
workers’ salaries would begin as soon as the funds
drop into the state’s account.
Akere, who disclosed that N9 billion of the N34.9
expected was for local government workers’ salary,
said a staff audit was on, pending the receipt of the
Ondo State has not collected the N14.68b bailout.
Sources at the Government Secretariat, Alagbaka,
Akure said the government was awaiting the funds.
A cross section of workers, who are being owed
three months salaries arrears, said they were
eager to hear that the money had been accessed.
Christian Ita spokesman of the Cross River State
Governor, said: “We are waiting for the money. We
have not received it yet, but we are expecting it any
moment from now. We are borrowing the money
to pay back debts we owe. The state is not owing
civil servants’ salaries and that is because we
borrowed money to pay them. So right now, we
need the bailout fund to pay the debts we owe.
“Since Governor Ben Ayade came on board, he has
made sure salaries are paid on time, so the state
needs to pay back those loans. the Federal
allocation when it comes is less than what we need
to pay salaries. So, even when it comes, we are in
The N1.28 billion share of Bayelsa State from the
CBN-backed loans is meant for cash-strapped
workers in the eight local government areas.
Governor Seriake Dickson has been paying salaries
of civil servants and pensions despite the dwindling
revenue from the Federation Account.
But the chairmen of the eight local government
areas are owing arrears of workers’ salaries.
A principal officer of a local government area, who
spoke in confidence, said the governor promised to
get the loans for the local governments.
He said: “There has been crisis in the local
government areas over inability of the chairmen to
pay salaries. The chairmen even appeared on the
floor of the House of Assembly to explain the
reasons for their financial crisis.
“But the governor, who was not happy with the
plight of the workers, promised to secure the CBN
bailout loans for the local government employees.
We are happy the money has come. He is a worker-
friendly governor and that is why we are
supporting him”.
Chief Press Secretary to the Governor, Mr. Daniel
Iworiso-Markson, confirmed that the money was
meant for local government workers.
“It is meant for local government because they are
the ones owing salaries”, he said.
The N14,152 billion bailout loan the Abia State is
expecting will be spent on settling
outstanding staff salaries, emoluments and
entitlements to pensioners.
The remaining, if any, will be used to provide
The Chief Press Secretary (CPS) to governor, Mr.
Godwin Adindu, said the fund had not been
accessed though there were indications that the
disbursement will soon start.
Adindu said: “The state’s economy will stabilise
once the salaries are paid and it will cushion the
effects of hardship being experienced by workers.”
Abia State labour union chairman Comrade
Uchenna Ebigwe said the fund should be spent to
pay outstanding salaries, pensioners and other
emoluments of workers.
Ebonyi State government said it had not got the
Commissioner for Finance Dennis Ekumankama
said the ministry was still processing it.
He said: “As I’m talking to you now, I am in Abuja,
trying to process the fund for the state”
He, however, declined comment on the modalities
for the fund’s disbursement.
The State House of Assembly has given the
government approval to take the loan –
N4.6 billion loan.
The workers are owed two months salary arrears
(July and August).
But the government has refused to pay the workers
with the salary table used by the last
The table with about 50 per cent increase in the
salary of the workers was implemented by the last
administration following a strike.
Umahi, then the PDP candidate, encouraged the
NLC to continue with the strike and promised them
100 per cent increment it he won.
But Umahi, who paid the June salary with the new
structure, has vowed to revert to the old salary
structure from July.
The governor told a PDP stakeholders meeting at
the party’s secretariat in Abakaliki that after paying
the 50 per cent increment in their salaries for June,
the state had a balance of only N35 million.
According to him, he will pay the 50 per cent
increment only when the economy improves.
He said: “After paying June salaries, we were left
with 35 million naira; I will not pay the demand of
workers for increment in salaries but will increase
their pay only when the economy improves. They
fought for us so much but they should not be gods
to us. It is not that there is money and we have
refused to pay.”
But the NLC chairman disputed the governor’s
He said the state government, after paying
workers, will have enough money for projects.
“If the government does not pay us with the 50 per
cent increment, it will not be acceptable to us,” he
Delta State is expecting N10.036 billion, which will
be spent on salaries.
The Chief Press Secretary to Governor Ifeanyi
Okowa said the funds will soon be received.
Although Delta State is not owing salaries, it is
owing over N15 billion in arrears of pension
The N3.167 billion bailout loan will be used by the
Edo State government to pay local government
Only three council chairmen, Abdulmalik Afegbua
(Etsako East), Joseph Ikpea (Esan Southeast) and
Jimoh Ijegbai (Owan East), have paid salaries.
The other 15 are owing workers between five to 10
months’ salaries.
Members of the National Union of Local
Government Employee (NULGE) embarked on
several weeks of protest over the unpaid salaries
until Governor Adams Oshiomhole ordered the
council bosses to forfeit their security votes and
allowances to pay salaries.
Commissioner for Information and Orientation,
Mr. Louis Odion confirmed that the loan will enable
the defaulting local government areas pay their
workers’ salaries.
There are indications that Plateau State
Government is yet to cash the bailout loan.
The government is expecting N5.7 billion.
NLC chairman Comrade Jibrin Bancir said: “The
state government has always told us they have not
received their own share. When the shares accrued
to all the state were published on Monday, I called
the accountant general of the state and he told me
he was on his way to the CBN in Abuja to process
“Not withstanding, the state government has
cleared four of the seven months arrears inherited
from the last administration. The government has
always carried us along on the cash flow and
financial challenges.
“Governor Lalong may not have fulfilled his
promise of paying the salary arrears twice in a
month, but he has demonstrated a high level of
transparency in the financial management of state
resources and we appreciate his financial
Apart from the seven months’ salary arrears, there
is also unpaid pension of state and local
government retirees.
Local government workers are also being owed two
months’ arrears of salaries. Local government
teachers are being owed one month salary.