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Thursday, September 3, 2015

Emeka Ike’s Official Statement on Battery & Divorce Tales | Explains the Role Chris Okotie Allegedly Played

If you have not been keeping up with Nollywood
actor Emeka Ike and his wife of 15 years, Suzanne
Rero Ike, here’s a quick summary.
Suzanne reportedly filed for divorce a couple of
months ago and it surfaced in her court testimony
that she had allegedly suffered emotional and
physical abuse for years.
Emeka Ike refuted the reports and he denied ever
laying a hand on his wife but admitted that his wife
has left their home. He appealed for her to come
back and explained why he cannot be a wife beater.
He has now released an official statement where he
tries to pin-point the cause of the marital issues while
also categorically stating that he has never laid hands
on his wife. He also mentions that certain influences
might have added to the breakdown of his marriage.
Read his official statement below.
‘The lawyer Chris Okotie hired for my wife is
also frustrating every attempt I make to
resolve the matter peacefully’
“I want people to look into this issue
critically. I’ve never beaten this woman in my
life. When she ran out of home, I called my
pastor and they took us for counselling. For
one week, I was begging her every day; I
would go home alone and she would go
home alone as well.
“At a point, pastor asked us to write five
things we like and dislike about each other.
The pastor said that maybe we could work it
out. I wrote mine, she wrote hers and she
never said there that I used to beat her. I still
have that document with me. She gave me
what she wrote and I gave her what I wrote.
If I used to beat her, she could not have left it
out from that then. Any man that beats a
woman is a coward. I know that someone
somewhere must have done something to
her. How can I beat a woman I adore so
much? I love my family and this is very
unfortunate. Her children have been begging
her to come home, and she has refused.
“I am pretty sure my wife is acting confused;
she is acting as if she is under a spell, which
is psychological and then she is acting under
“There was a time I accused her of bringing
men to my house. I mean, which woman will
wake her husband up in the middle of the
night and said to him, share your property I
want to get my share now from what you
have? Tell me, which woman will do that if
not acting under a spell?
“There was a time I travelled and she closed
down my school and sent all the students
away. So, there is a lot to it, other than the
allegation of battery against me and I want
the whole world to know. My name is
precious to me and I don’t want anything to
drag it in the mud.
“Pastor Chris Okotie just absolved my wife
into his church without making any effort to
get in touch with me. If as a pastor, your
church member is having issue with her
husband, and you failed to do anything to
resolve it, what kind of pastor are you? When
I called him, he refused to pick my call. He
also failed to react to a text message I sent to
him. Is that a man of God? Even, if you have
a police case, they will make effort to hear
from you before taking a position, not to talk
of the church.
“When we went to court, I told my wife that
I’m interested in amicable settlement of the
matter, and that I still want her back. But she
refused. Even, if you don’t want me, what of
your children, I asked her and she still would
not listen to me. I want the whole world to
know because there is a lot of
misinformation out there. The lawyer which
Okotie hired for my wife is also frustrating
every attempt I make to resolve the matter

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