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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Fish and snake caught mid-battle by Australian fisherman

An Australian spear fisherman has captured a
bizarre battle between what appears to be one of
the world's most venomous fish and a deadly
Rick Trippe spotted the elegant sea snake latching
onto an apparent stonefish off Darwin last Thursday.
His photos of the showdown quickly went viral.
Speaking to the BBC, Mr Trippe said he had been
diving on a World War Two wreck in Darwin Harbour
when he made the unusual find.
Mr Trippe said he drew on his experience of fishing
pythons out of his chicken coop when he pulled the
wrestling creatures from the water, clutching the
snake under its mouth.
"I'm silly but not mad. I knew this was dangerous. I
knew if I grabbed it I wouldn't get the bitten," Mr
Trippe said.
"I could hear the fish croaking so I let them both go,
but the snake made a beeline back to the fish," he
The highly venomous snake eventually came out on
top, but it could possibly have died as well from the
poisonous stonefish.
The venom released from the 13 spines on a
stonefish's back can kill a human in two hours if not
Mr Trippe has encountered some strange scenes in
Darwin Harbour before.
Two weeks ago, he was part of a team who helped
rescue a horse that ended up stranded in the

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