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Saturday, September 5, 2015

Pastor, wife arrested over N500,000 purchase of baby

The couple were paraded by the commissioner of
Police, Joshak Habila, who allegedly said that they
bought a stolen baby.
Apparently, they were both discovered when a
notorious child trafficker confessed to a crime and
named them as accomplices.
The child trafficker, identified as Ekwutosi, stole an
11-month-old baby girl of a 21-year-old pregnant
mother, who he had pretended to assist with a job.
The excited woman was said to have left her baby in
the custody of Ekwotosi when she went to buy food
for her, “But by the time the mother returned,
Ekwutosi had disappeared with the baby,” the police
commissioner said.
According to Habila, the suspect was later
intercepted by the police at Owerrinta when he was
allegedly trafficking pregnant girls to Port Harcourt.
That was when he made his confessions including the
fact that he sold the baby at the cost of N500, 000 to
the wife of the pastor.

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