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Saturday, September 5, 2015

This 70-year-old man reportedly resurrected after being dead for 30 hours

70-year-old Amos Otene had already spent 30 hours
in a mortuary, after being pronounced lifeless at 4.30
am on August 26th, only to rise up from the dead.
Just to be sure they didn’t make a mistake
pronouncing him dead, the doctors had even
extracted the requisite body fluid and other
substances from the corpse, for post mortem
examination which was to ultimately reveal the cause
of death.
According to the family, the hospital admitted Otene
on Friday August 25 after he complained of severe
toothache which had persisted for several days
before he was pronounced dead.
By Sunday, one of his children, Eche, who lives in
Lafia visited, and was taken to the mortuary as he
wanted to confirm that his father had indeed passed
According to Eche, at about 1.39 pm, “the morticians
at the hospital wheeled out the trolley containing my
father and unveiled the face for me to see. It was in
this process that the supposedly he started raising
his right hand and all of us fled towards the reception
area of the mortuary. From a safe distance we
watched as my father lifted himself and sat on the
bed and that was about seven minutes later. One of
the attendants eventually summoned enough
courage and approached my father who fell back on
the trolley.”
Eche said that the doctors ordered that the
resurrected man be readmitted in the ward where
some medication was administered and he was
placed on fresh round of drips.
He remained in the ward till Tuesday when the
doctors carried out series of tests and certified Otene
fit for discharge.
Otene talked about what could be described as his
near death experience, saying, “what I remember is
that I was in a vehicle and traveled a long distance.
“When I got there, there were many people and there
was a lot of celebration and merriment and the
people were happy. But they did not allow me to stay
with them. They said I should go back and repeat my
I am much better now and I thank God for everything
and I also owe many thanks to the hospital for taking
care of me and my family members who have been
worried. I hope they will continue to be with me until
I am completely free from this stress.”

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