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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Former Shelbyville ISD teacher pleads guilty to sexual relationship with student.....

Source: KTRE Staff
Source: KTRE Staff

 Editor's Note: There is some graphic sexual language in this story.
Shortly before her jury trial was set to get underway Wednesday, a former Shelbyville ISD accused of having an improper sexual relationship with a male high school student pleaded guilty.
A Shelby County grand jury indicted Johanna Vickers, a San Augustine resident on three felony counts of sexual assault of a child.

 Johanna Vickers (Source: Shelby County Jail)
 Vickers (Source: Shelby County Jail)

Vickers, a San Augustine resident, is accused of two second-degree felony charges of improper relationship between an educator and student as well as sexual assault of a child. Although Vickers pleaded guilty to the improper relationship between an educator and student charges, the jury will decide her guilt or innocence in regard to the sexual assault of a child charge.
At the time of of the allegations, Vickers was an employee of Shelbyville ISD. She had previously been employed by Corrigan-Camden ISD.
According to an earlier press release, an investigation was started after Shelbyville ISD received phone calls on May 8, 2015 about the allegations. The district worked with the SCSO to start an investigation.
The alleged victim’s phone was searched and they were able to recover deleted text messages that pointed to a sexual relationship. Vickers number was also saved under “sister.” The press release continued stating the alleged victim told investigators the two of them had sexual encounters on two separate occasions in late March and early April of that year.
In opening statements, state prosecutor Stephen Shires told the jury this is a very important case for the Shelbyville community and school as well as the entire county. Shires notified the jury that Vickers’ three cases with six counts each have been consolidated to one case.
Shires said on or about March 28, 2015, Vickers did cause the victim, who was younger than 17 years of age at the time, to have sexual penetration and oral sex. Shires also said on that same date, Vickers caused the victim to touch her breasts.
“It is my burden to prove this,” Shires said.
Shires told the jury that Vickers pleaded guilty to counts 4 to 6, which were improper relationship between an educator and student.
“You are going to hear the victim sit up here and say Vickers performed oral sex on the victim and that they had sex,” Shires said. “I am going to show you evidence where Vickers admitted to all that.”
Shires explained there are nine counts.
“Each case is the same,” Shires said. “The only difference is the date of the alleged acts. The evidence is going to show Vickers was a 36-year-old married woman with three children in the Shelbyville District. The evidence is going to show the victim was a 16 year-old at Shelbyville High School.”
Shires said the evidence will show that Vickers was a teacher for the victim and that the two had a relationship outside of the class room. He added that on at least three occasions, Vickers had sex with the victim in her car at the Ragtown Park in southern Shelby County.
“Mr. Johnson and the defense is going to say the victim initiated this and tried to have a relationship with Vickers,” Shires said. “Let me tell you something. I think the facts are going to show he initiated the affair. I think the facts will show he made the first move. I want you to think about this. Assuming that is true, whose responsibility is it to say no? A 16 year-old boy with raging hormones or a 36-year old married teacher? Who says no? If you have a kid that feels that way for you, why be alone with him outside of school?”
Shires made a plea to the jury that just because a student had feelings for a teacher it does not excuse Vickers from how she acted.
Defense attorney Seth Johnson then approached the jury for his statement.
Johnson said Vickers did not sexually assault the victim.
“I am going to show you in the simplest terms why she pleaded guilty to the improper relationship, but not for the sexual assault or indecency with a child,” Johnson said.
Johnson said the improper relationship was true because the statuses of the two were right and it did happen.
“She plead guilty voluntarily,” Johnson said. “Counts 1, 2, and 3, the charges she all plead not guilty to, have one thing in common.”
Johnson said that one thing was that the counts said she caused it. Johnson said she pleaded guilty on the other ones because she engaged.
“Consent is not a defense,” Johnson said. “Causation is a legal defense. The facts are pretty simple and we are not in disagreement of what happened. In count 1, Vickers had to cause the victim’s sexual organ to penetrate her. The evidence is going to show Vickers was on her back in a submissive position.”
Johnson said the evidence will show the victim pursued Vickers for over a month and he was physically mature.
Judd Matthews, a Shelbyville ISD police officer, took the stand first. Matthews said Vickers became employed by the district in 2012 and was no longer a teacher in 2015.
Matthews said he knows Vickers’ family, including her husband, a coach in the district. Matthews said he is also familiar with the victim.
“Last year around May 11, I was contacted by administration about an incident that happened,” Matthews said. “I was called into investigate.”
Matthews said he talked to Vickers and brought up the allegations, and she denied them.
“She also signed off on a document that would let me have her cell phone,” Matthews said. “She said she forgot it and would have to get it. It was about two or three hours until I got it at lunch.”
Matthews said he didn’t see anything right away that stuck out so he turned it over to the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office.
“I released her and she went back to her class,” Matthews said. “I then called the victim down and asked for his cell phone.”
Matthews said he knew Vickers number, so he typed it in the phone and it came up as “sister”
Matthews said the allegations were brought up on a Monday after Vickers and another student had an altercation in the hallway on the Friday before.
Child Abuse Investigator Chad Brown with the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office said he was approached by Matthews at the sheriff’s office.
“He said he was conducting an administrative investigation at the school and asked if I would take over any criminal investigations,” Brown said.
Brown said he was given the phone of the victim and used a device to get data off the phone.
“It took a day to extract the data because it was so large,” Brown said. “It took another day to decode it through another program. It was about two days later when I was able to review the data.”
Brown said the data was stored on his computer and also on a thumb drive. Brown said it was on a local drive on his computer and not on a server. Brown said no one has been able to get to the data on his computer since he downloaded it.
Shires would then present evidence that was a print out of text messages between the victim and Vickers. The print out has Vicker’s number shown as “sister”
Brown read several text messages where Vickers and the victim used the words “I Love you” and where Vickers at one point asked to be his mistress. Brown said over 300 phone events took place between the two as well as several other messages on social media that had been deleted.
Brown said on May 7 the victim wrote Vickers and said, “What are you going to tell Vince about those flowers?” Brown said Vickers then said she would tell Vince that they were from her black lover.
Brown said the victim later responded with, “You have my heart.”
Brown said the next morning, Vickers sent a message to the victim that said “Good morning baby” and another one that said, “I need you in my arms” and then the victim said, “I need to be there too.”
After lunch, Brown was shown another set of text messages.
Brown read the exchange with the victim saying “WYD?” and a response from Vickers that said, “Looking at my baby. I’m at the fish tank. Do you want food? I have money.” He said “no” and “no.” She said, “Vince is gone.”
Brown said the messages concluded with an “I love you” comment from both of them.
Looking at his report, Brown said after he got the information from the phone he went to Shelbyville High School and talked to a student that was the victim’s girlfriend. Brown said after that he spoke with the victim.
“I tried to get a hold of the victim’s mom from the school, but I could not and I needed to meet with them in a more formal setting, so I got the victim and we went to the Sherriff’s office,” Brown said.
Brown said the two looked at the victim’s Facebook account.
“I got from his Facebook, we were trying to narrow down if anything happened, dates,” Brown said.
Brown said at that point he felt like he had enough to get warrants for Vickers’ arrest under two charges of improper relationship between an educator and student as well as sexual assault. Brown said before this, he had never met Vickers.
“I was unable to contact Vickers to make an arrest, so I talked to officer Matthews and he was able to get a hold of her and tell her she was needed at the sheriff’s office,” Brown said.
Brown continued and said Vickers came to the office with her husband and they did not know why she was asked to go there. Brown said Vickers agreed to sit down and have an interview with him. Brown said in the interview, Vickers admitted to him that she had sexual intercourse and oral sex with the victim.
In her recorded interview with Brown, Vickers said she got two messages from the victim. The first said, “My day is going good” the second said “I spoke too soon.”
Vickers said the victim got her number after a basketball game, and they started talking. On another occasion, she said after a game, he grabbed her hand and kissed it.
Vickers said after that, they had sex in her car. Vickers told Brown they were in the car because the victim had asked to just ride around. Vickers continued and said there was another girl in the car, but they dropped her off before going to Ragtown Park. Vickers said it started in the front seat, and they were kissing. Then it led to groping.
Vickers said she thought she performed oral sex on him but he didn’t on her. She said they had sex less than five times and each time it was at Ragtown Park.

Religious leaders respond to Mother Mary Angelica's death

Mother Angelica, foundress of EWTN died on Easter. (Source: EWTN)
The foundress of the Eternal Word Television Network in Irondale passed away on Easter Sunday at the age of 92.
A statement from EWTN said she died at Our Lady of the Angels Monastery in Hanceville surrounded by her spiritual daughters, sons and dear friends.
Many are remembering the life of Mother Angelica, also known as “Mother to Millions” to her EWTN Family, including several religious and Alabama leaders.
Governor Robert Bentley released a statement on his website:
“On this Easter Sunday, it is only fitting that the Lord chose today to call home one of his humble servants, Mother Angelica. She devoted her life to ministry, converting untold numbers of people to the church. She left an indelible mark on Alabama, the Catholic Church and the world as a whole. She will always be remembered for her personal sermons and she will live on forever in the hearts of all those that her sermons have touched through her gift to the world, the Eternal Word Television Network.”
Congressman Robert Aderholt posted the following on his Facebook page:
I'm very sorry to learn of Mother Angelica's passing. While she had lived in the District I serve since 1999, the place she truly called home was living in her faith. How fitting that she should go to her eternal home on Easter Sunday.
 Mother Dolores Marie, Superior of the Poor Clare Nuns of Perpetual Adoration of Our Lady of the Angels Monastery had this to say:
“Mother Mary Angelica of the Annunciation, P.C.P.A. passed peacefully from this life at Our Lady of the Angels Monastery on 5 p.m. CDT, Easter Sunday, March 27, in this Jubilee Year of Mercy, surrounded by the prayers and love of her spiritual daughters, sons and dear friends. Known as “Mother to Millions” to her EWTN Family, she untiringly exhorted all to pursue holiness by living with God in the present moment. We are grateful for your prayers for this courageous daughter of the Church and your support of EWTN, the media network that she founded for the salvation of souls. May our beloved Mother Angelica, Foundress of EWTN, enter through the Mercy of God into the joy of Heaven.”
 EWTN Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Michael P. Warsaw issued the following:
“This is a sorrow-filled day for the entire EWTN Family. Mother has always, and will always, personify EWTN, the Network which she founded. In the face of sickness and long-suffering trials, Mother’s example of joy and prayerful perseverance exemplified the Franciscan spirit she held so dear. We thank God for Mother Angelica and for the gift of her extraordinary life. Her accomplishments and legacies in evangelization throughout the world are nothing short of miraculous and can only be attributed to Divine Providence and her unwavering faithfulness to Our Lord. The important thing, as Mother Angelica’s life and the lives so many of the saints have shown us, is to be faithful and to persevere. Mother Angelica’s life has been a life of faith; her prayer life and obedience to God are worthy of our imitation.  Everything she did was an act of faith.”
 The Most Reverend Robert J. Baker, Bishop of Birmingham in Alabama:
“Mother Angelica brought the truth and the love and the life of the Gospel of Jesus to so many people, not only to our Catholic household of faith, but to many thousands of people who are not Catholic, in that beautiful way she had of touching lives, bringing so many people into the Catholic Faith.”
These are just several statements from the outpouring of condolences expressed for the beloved mother.
Many are expected to visit Hanceville for funeral plans set to began Monday 28 through April 1.
The Madison County Sheriff's Department will assist the Hanceville Police Department with Mother Angelica's funeral.
copyright by Lerato Lee

FIDO Alliance Seminar (NYC): Key Trends in strong authentication

Image result for FIDO AllianceThe FIDO Alliance invites you to learn about key trends in strong authentication for the financial services community and beyond. Our free seminar will be held March 31 in New York City from 9:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. At the seminar, you will hear experts describe FIDO’s approach to simpler, stronger authentication – and also details on some real-world FIDO deployments and use cases. Presenting companies include Acuity Market Research, Aetna, Dashlane, eBay, Google, Ledger, HYPR, Yubico and Nok Nok Labs.
FIDO’s open specifications can help all organizations, especially service providers who want to scale authentication features for consumer and enterprise services over the web. Today there are over 100 solutions on market that have been FIDO® Certified and hundreds of millions of end-users’ web and mobile apps have been FIDO-enabled for strong authentication protection by leading service providers, including Google, PayPal, Samsung, Bank of America, Dropbox, and GitHub.
Image result for FIDO AllianceFIDO offers a simple, low-cost way to improve security and the online experience. Come attend our seminar and learn more about how to bring these benefits to your business and customers.
  • There is no charge for the seminar, but registration is required.
  • This event is graciously sponsored by lerato lee
The FIDO (Fast IDentity Online) Alliance, was formed in July 2012 to address the lack of interoperability among strong authentication technologies, and remedy the problems users face with creating and remembering multiple usernames and passwords. The FIDO Alliance is changing the nature of authentication with standards for simpler, stronger authentication that define an open, scalable, interoperable set of mechanisms that reduce reliance on passwords. FIDO authentication is stronger, private, and easier to use when authenticating to online services.

How NYC startup is helping small businesses get loans from an unlikely source

For small businesses, cash flow is the lifeblood that keeps a company alive. But in the face of day-to-day expenses, faulty projects and late customer payments, sustainable capital can be hard to come by.
Cinch  wants to ensure that cash is always available to small businesses, especially when they need it most.
Founded in 2014 by Maya Komerov and Jack Elaad, the startup aims to empower small businesses by tapping into their customers’ future purchases. The platform works like this:
Using Cinch, business owners can pre-sell their goods and services under the stipulation that owners will pay back customers in full with store credit. With a model that depends on future sales, small businesses earn the capital they need to grow, without having to take out loans. The service is also a win for customers — in exchange for patience, they receive 100 percent store credit in addition to 15-30 percent bonus store credit.
While Cinch is a tool for helping business owners get off the ground, the company also helps small businesses in their customer acquisition. Cinch’s team of designers, copywriters and digital marketers help businesses by customizing an outreach campaign that is then executed across multiple channels. These campaigns are designed to motivate customers to buy credit at a store, incentivized by extra store credit in exchange for the commitment.
Once the campaign period finishes, all cash generated will be automatically deposited into the business’ account. Cinch takes a 5 percent cut of these earnings.
While other online lenders have been focused on providing small businesses with loans and lines of credit, Cinch is unique in its approach of utilizing customers directly to bring in capital. This eliminates a business’s liability to pay back business loans, allowing them to build quality products and establish a loyal customer base.
“It’s very hard to get loans for small businesses because of credit issues and we think this is not the best way for small businesses to get the cash they need,” said CEO Komerov. “The most important thing for us is to bring customers to businesses and make those businesses successful.”
Cinch announced this week the company has raised a $1.4 million round, led by Lool Ventures, Entree Capital and iAngels.

The company has been working out of ICONYC labs, a NY-based accelerator for Israeli startups. Cinch's research and development team is based in Tel Aviv, with its management and sales team based in New York.
A myriad of retail businesses are already using the platform, given the company’s close proximity to thousands of small businesses and the nation’s financial capital. These entities primarily include retail businesses, from coffee shops to beauty salons to yoga studios.

France Drops Plan to Strip Convicted Militants of Nationality.......................

The French President, Francois Hollande, has dropped plans to change the constitution to strip militants convicted of terror attacks of their French nationality, Iran leader says missiles part of future, The cyborg beetles that could replace drones

How supper eagle were blast by the pharaohs

Image result for super eagles 2017 squad

Supper Eagle Squad-photo

West Ham forward Victor Moses and Aaron Samuel have been recalled from the football international wilderness for the crucial 2017 AFCON qualifiers against Egypt.

Interestingly, both stars are expected to lead the attack against the pharaoh's, Just like their namesakes in the bible, brother Moses and Aaron led the Israelite's out of slavery in Egypt. But freedom didn't come quite easy for the Israelite's, as Pharaoh, the Egyptian king, and his subjects did all they could  to keep them as slaves, until they (Egyptians) perished in the Red Sea

Incidentally, Nigeria’s Super Eagles find themselves in dire situation against the Egyptians in Group G of the 2017 Africa Cup of Nations qualifiers.
Leaders Pharaohs have maximum six points from two games, while Nigeria are second with four points; after a 2-0 win at home against Chad and a goalless draw against Tanzania in Dar es Salam.
The Super Eagles are poised to battle at the Ahmadu Bello Stadium, Kaduna on March 25 before travelling to Alexandria for the reverse fixture four days later.
If the Eagles hope to stand a chance of qualification from the group, then they need at least four points from both games to revive their hopes of qualifying for the event in Gabon next year, after missing the last edition in Equatorial Guinea.
The winners of the 13-group qualifiers — 12 groups with four teams and one with three teams (plus the host nation which play friendlies with the other three teams) — and the two best overall runners-up will qualify for the tournament in Gabon next year.
The Nigeria Football Federation brought back ex-coach of the Eagles Samson Siasia alongside Emmanuel Amuneke, Salisu Yusuf and Aloy Agu, to prosecute the double games against the Egyptians, after Sunday Oliseh’s resignation as coach of the team.

 Image result for super eagles 2017 squad
Siasia immediately invited 43 players — 22 home-based and 21 overseas-based stars — for the crucial encounters.
But a worried Siasia disclosed that he could consider lining up a team made up of only pros from overseas after his home-based team failed to beat a second-tier league side Katsina United on Thursday.
“I am not really happy that they couldn’t create enough chances to beat a team like Katsina United. It is rather unfortunate,” Siasia said.
“By now I should have seen some wonderful displays from my boys. What worries me is their nonchalant attitude in front of goal. They found it difficult to create scoring chances and even the few ones created were fluffed. We can’t be missing goals like this in a crucial match against Egypt.
“I will have no option than to rely on the overseas-based players, if the home boys fail to live up to the billings.”
Perhaps the Bayelsa-born coach knew the monumental task ahead and needed his own Moses and Aaron to lead his army past the Egyptians.
And he duly handed invitations to West Ham forward Victor Moses and new CSKA Moscow striker Aaron Samuel.
Both players have been out of the national team with Moses last playing for the Eagles at the 2014 World Cup after a fall-out with erstwhile coach Stephen Keshi. Moses rejected a return to the national team under Oliseh, preferring to focus on his club career instead.
Siasia believes that the 25-year-old alongside regular Mikel Obi has a key role to play.
He said, “Egypt will be coming with their best players and I strongly feel Mikel and Moses’ wealth of experience will come in handy if we are to pick three points against Egypt in Kaduna.
 “I am really impressed with Mikel’s attitude towards this important game; he has called in to confirm his readiness for the clash. Victor Moses has pledged to return too and this is quite encouraging at a time we need our top players against Egypt.”
Powerful striker Aaron Samuel was a regular under Keshi after he made his international debut against Sudan in a 1–0 defeat against Sudan in Omdurman, coming on as a substitute for Nosa Igiebor in the 47th minute, in a 2015 AFCON qualifier, on October 11, 2014.
Four days later, he scored his first international goal in a 3–1 victory against Sudan in the reverse fixture in Abuja. He scored his second goal for Nigeria in a 2-0 win over Congo in Pointe Noire. He last played for the Eagles in the 2-0 defeat of Chad in Kaduna last June, before he was left out of the team by Oliseh in the 14 games he was in charge of the squad.

Secretary of the Association of Professional Footballers of Nigeria, Austin Popo, believes the recall of both players was a crucial decision by Siasia.
“You may say there’s a spiritual angle to it because of their names but again, these guys (Moses and Aaron) weren’t too old to be left out of the squad. You can’t buy experience; the national team is not a playground for people to experiment. These guys are still relevant and still doing well in their clubs and hopefully they should be hungry for goals and victory against the Egyptians,” Popo stated.
A football fan, Innocent Udoh, said the names of both players could cause psychological problems for their North African opponents.
“I believe there’s no Egyptian who hasn’t heard the story of Moses and Aaron. When they see these names in our team list, they will know they are in for serious trouble,” Udoh said.
An ardent fan of the Eagles, Kolawole Jonah, shares Udoh’s views.
“It’s a good development (that Moses and Aaron have returned to the team) for Nigerian football. Both players will like to prove themselves now that they have been given another opportunity to showcase their talents and prove themselves. I believe they wouldn’t want to betray Siasia’s trust on them,” Jonah said.
Ex-international defender, Mike Onyemachara, added, “Moses is still as sharp as ever, we watch him weekly in the Premier League, so we can monitor his progress. Though he was out of the national team, he has been impressive at club level. He surely has a lot to contribute to the squad. He has a crucial role to play.”

Football journalist, Ikenwa Nnabuogor, also believes both players can make the difference against a Pharaohs side that has not attended the last three editions of the continent’s top football showpiece.
“Moses and Aaron can make the difference to some extent, though they will be playing with so many new players. Both are class apart but good players can always make the difference.
“The Pharaohs are not fantastic but it’s going to be difficult for the Eagles. Somehow we will edge it 2-1 in Kaduna and hold the Egyptians to a scoreless draw in Alexandria,” he stated.
However, Joyce Ndidi, says there is no relationship between the biblical characters and the Super Eagles players, and urged the team to concentrate fully on the task ahead.
“I don’t think the Egyptians will just freeze out because of both names. This is football and names don’t play football. It’s the effort you put in on match day that will determine the result you will get. Moses and Aaron are fantastic players but there’s no Red Sea to cross here, it’s just a football match,” the Super Falcons supporter said.
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Egypt Knock Nigeria out of Afcon 2017

More on Egypt beating Nigeria 1-0 to knock them out of Africa Cup of Nations 2017, as we look back the qualifiers for Afcon. And we go to Delhi for the semi-finals of the T20 World Cup.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Read how an inocent child been abuse by a Lock store license suspect

Panteleimon N. Spirakis appeared in court on March 4 on charges of sexually abusing minors. JASON LEE jlee@leratolee

Read more here:

A suspect in a child sexual assault case has had his business license to operate a lock and key store suspended in North Myrtle Beach for violating the city’s “moral turpitude” ordinance on a previous conviction.
Panteleimon “Peter” Spirakis holds the business license for Phil’s Lock & Key that was suspended on March 18, according to a letter from Bruce Young, revenue supervisor for the city.
The city council has called a special meeting for April 6 at 2 p.m. to consider whether the business license should be revoked.
Spirakis, 55, was arrested March 1 and charged with three counts involving criminal sexual conduct with a 4-year-old girl and boy.
Spirakis remains in jail without bond. An employee at the lock and key shop who answered the phone Monday declined to give her name, but said the store had not been informed that the license had been suspended. Questions were referred to the store’s lawyer, who could not be reached for comment Monday.

Read more here:

Child Sex Abuse Bond Hearing For Four Horry Suspects

A bond hearing was held in Conway today for for the four Horry County residents charged with sexually abusing two 4-year-old victims. Friday, March 4, 2016. The four people charged are: Lindsey D. Honeycutt, 29, of Myrtle Beach; Ambrose E. Heavener, 30, of Conway; Panteleimon N. Spirakis, 55, of Myrtle Beach; and Anthony L. Strickland, 45, of Myrtle Beach. Honeycutt and Heavener are charged with criminal sexual conduct with minor in the first degree, sexual exploitation of a minor in the first degree, engaging a child for sexual performance and incest. Spirakis and Strickland are charged with criminal sexual conduct with minor in the first degree, sexual exploitation of a minor in the first degree, and engaging a child for sexual performance.
Jason Lee and Claire Byun
 The business license was suspended “after city staff discovered that you were convicted of a crime involving moral turpitude in 2012,” said the letter from Young to Spirakis.
Spirakis is a registered sex offender in South Carolina. He was charged with committing a lewd act on a child under 16 in 2005 for an incident the previous year, but court records show he agreed to a plea and was released from prison. He was charged with the same crime in October 2010, according to SLED records.
Spirakis was arrested and charged in 2008 for allegedly molesting an 11-year-old girl for three years. He was sentenced to five years in prison in 2010, but that sentence was suspended to two years in prison and five years on probation, according to court records.
 Spirakis is one of four suspects charged earlier this month in Horry County for sexually abusing the children on numerous occasions, including at a Myrtle Beach strip club, Chez Joey.
According to the city’s code of ordinances, business licenses can be suspended or revoked when “a licensee has been convicted of an offense under a law or ordinance regulating business, a crime involving moral turpitude, or an unlawful sale of merchandise or prohibited goods

Read more here: