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Monday, March 28, 2016

Best Afro Raggae Artist Alive- Xzadosalperico

  • This Afro ragga artist from the South of Nigeria precisely in calabar

This young ragga artist has a mind blowing trend of music that varies from reggae to afro pop and rap, with his soothing voice with a dope crack will give listeners the urge to dance to his tune.

His music trend is compared to that of the famous 2Face Idibia and Burna Boy with a flair of rap music inside him. Right now his coming out with his own style of Afro Ragga.

  • At the Mr and Mrs Leboku new yam festival beauty padgent show- with one of the contestants.

His here to introduce himself to you, because soon he will be at the top, believe me he has a versatile flow of the Efik Culture and his home town, Ugep  ( Umor Otutu) in Cross River State where the best tourism bureau is in Africa. Xzado release his hit track which will soon be uploaded in this blog, called ONE TIME. Believe me his music will captivate your sou.
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